Ball - BT770 B3 1637

Match ::i.a8. Efay Jr 3011.3.24. h 3 r 6,; 6. Aâs 10.9i. and 13.39. Rom. ;o.9;10. Gal,;.10. Dent.6:'q. Joh.7.37. Aâs1F.3r, uifyingFaith is a particular confidence. him, cureof thofe deadly evils wherewith it is wounded. Ifa Prince thouldoffer a generali pardon toRebels, caufing it tobee proclaimed, that if they would lay downearmes, fubmitthemfelves, and flie tohis mercie, they fhould bere- ceived to favour, and wee (hould fee many hereuponcall downe their weapons, and fue for mercie; would wee not prefently know, that they beleeved the promife that they fhouldbee pardoned? So when Chrif+ faith to (inners, Comeuntome,or,Beleeve on mee, and I will cafe you,what faith (thinkewee) have linnets who retort unto him ? Is it not a beleeve, that hee will (according to his Word) de- liver them from fin= and death, and rebore them to life eternall? If there bee a particular word, or that which is equiva- lent, then there is a particular faith. But there isa particu- larword, or that which is equivalent. For the thirf}ie and barren foule, that is thing with the terrours of theLaw : they that labour and areheavie laden, are invited to come untoChrif+, and exhorted, entreated, perfwaded, comman- ded tobeleeve; and the promife is, whofoever 6eleevethin himfhallnot periJh, but have everlafling life : which is as muchas, Thomcs,thouart burdened anddoer labour, thou art.wearie and thirflie, come thou untomee, behold, I in- vite thee ; beleeve thou, forunto theedoe I reach forth the promife of mercie, receive it, and thou (halt live. For the particulars are ever in their generals. How can wee prove, that John orJames are by nature underwrath &the curie ? otherwife it cannot be proved than thus,C'urledis every one thatcontinueth not inall things,that are written in the book. of the Law to doe them,. Howcanwe prove that Thomas or Peter are bound to love theLord, and to abflaine from murther,fornication theft ; but becaufe it is Paid to all men, Thoufhalt love the Lord, Thou halt notfleale ? &c. And thus it is (aid toall,Leteverie one that is a thirfl come unto me,anddrinke. Beleeve in the LordJefies,and thou 'halt be faxed: whence everie thirftie andburdened foule may con- clude, Iought to beleeve, God calleth and commandeth me