Ball - BT770 B3 1637

i 8z Faith is certaine in the event, not ever in fenfe. zrima.iz. have beleeved, andIasr perfvvaded that heel radle to keep that thing wherewith Ihaveentrufled him, [ordelivered stp to hiskeeping .: ] where it is apparent, that tobeleeve is to commit our ielves to Chriffs trutf or keeping, or to reft our foules upon the performance of the gracious promires, which God of his rich grace in. Jefus.Chriff bath madeun- tous. Faith§cent. §. =. This faith is certaine, though mixed with many in the event, net doubtings by,rreaCon of our weakneffe : Certaine and ever infnfe. affured- in regard of the event and thing beleeved, not in regard of the fence and feeling of him who beleeveth. Whether his heart bee ffedfaff in faith, or trembling through much unbeleefe ; yet unfainedly beleeving with a well-rooted confidence (though with much unbeleefe) hoe fhall bee lure, of the thing. pro - mired. For the promife:is made good to him that truly receiveth it, not for the ffedfatf manner of receiving, but for the thing received, which is Chritf. NowTooke as a trembling palfey handmay take the fame thing, which a more ffeddie one doth take, though the manner bee divers, the one taking it with (baldg., _ the other without any trembling : to an heart offaith, which yet fhaketh and doubteth through much unbeleefe, may take Chritf, as well as an heart loth which is more fully perfwaded; and therefore (hall have the grace promifed for his fake, who is received by faith. Thepromife is univerfall,whofo- joh.;.$;á ever beleeveth in Chrifl (ball not perrfh, but have everla- fling life : it is not, whofoever is fully af?ured, or certainly perfwadedofhis falvation, but whofoever unfainedly belee- veth inChritf, (hall bee faved.° Now manya Poore fèule may calf himl lfe. upon Chritf , and lay hold upon him with purpofe through Gods grace never to leave him, as being affured: without wavering in this particular, that it isbeff both limply and in comparifon, to dray neereunto God, and relye.upon his grace; and fo in event is lure of falvation, who yet would give. a. world to bee, of%red of Gods favour, and fully perfvvaded that his fins are pardo- ned.