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Faith,if.s xt ja 'pes>ts atn.Chri.ftforpardon. thenfaith maybeecertaine inthe event, when iris forcer- tame to the fenfeoftheBeleever. §. 3 , But what faith is neceffarie, toTwit, onmans part, to Jutlisfication? Is it an affureel perlivafion Hof our parti- cular ele6ion, or that our finnes be already pardoned and forgiven ? No : It is one thing to ref}on Chri(} obeying to the surfed death of the crofi'e, that I mayobtaine par- don and life everlat}ing from the graceof God ; which is thea& of true beleefe, required to juf}ification : another tobeleeve that I amone of Gods particular elen' people, and that my fumes are 'pardoned and done away; which is apriviledgeof grace, granted to him whobeleeveth, is fealed by the Spirit, and knowethaffuredly that heebelee- veth. It isnot alionof Chri(}ian faith, previousorfun- damentallto juflification, for aman to beleeve h.imfelfeto beone,of Godselect : for wee come toknow our ele&ioR bythe effe&s thereof, asFaith,Juflification,San&iflcation. weemuf} firf} read the eftec}s of Gods loveinour hearts, and fee that hee bath wrought in us the laving graces of faith, love, hope, feare, &c. and fealed us by the fpiricof § 3 Faith ae it jufitfi eth io ayelling upon Chrifl to obtaine pardon. Zanch.deredempt. Liba cap., 3. tít. de Fiducia, col. 282. J.lufc loc. cont. de Rem .Meifner. dec.; P4?32 Par inGal. e0.2. íeú.2, 4. lúeme ufif, lib. x. cap. lo. lei?.2.27. i[kí ue,exeteit. theol.par:28.;ad 3. Harn.offaith pert.L. ./IXgX.FI. cenfeff. art.4. 4J" art,20. Behemic. cafe". art..$. gallican. tonfrff: art.2O. promife, before wee can come toknow his eternali decree ) Bergic.eanfeff art.23. and purpofe towards us : therefore thebeleeve of our par- ticularele&ion is anant of faith followingjuf}ification, nor precedentto it. Noman isjuRifledbybeleevingbimfelfeto bee juf}, nor pardoned, bybeletving that he is pardoned : but if his be- leefebe true, beemuf}be trulyjut}, beforebe can or ought to beleeve himfelfe to bee jut} ; and actually pardoned, before bee canbe afi'ured that bee is pardoned. This is the order of fpirituall bleífings conferred upon us in Chri(}, Faith is the bandwherebywee are united'untoChritl.; af- rerUnion followeth Communion with him; Juffification, Adoption, Sanclificationbe thebenefits and fruits ofCom- muaion ; Being made foesby faith, god fends forth the Spirit ofhis Son intoour hearts, crying, A6ba,Fgther, and thisSpirit beareth witneffewithourfpirit, thgtweearethe childrenofGod: affurance or certaineperfwafion that our G 3 finnes Bolton Walking. withGod,pa, . 320. Tenable, Plea for Grace,p4g. .58, 259, 260. Rodoc. de Juftift. cat. H-wing. Syntagm. Gra- dXe ad contterfa. Went 49. Gal.{ Rom.8.t 5,16.