Ball - BT770 B3 1637

Faithaiit jtcfiifies cs a refiingon Chri.fíforpardon. finnes therefore my finnes are pardoned. Faith receiveth thepardonof finne, as it is profered in theword of grace, and grounded: it felfe folely and imme- diately upon the promife of God in Jefus Chrif+ : But ground, whereupona firmer inhimfelfe guiltie fhould build affurance that his finnes are pardoned, without fameother aó} offaith comming betwixt the promife and that afiu- ranee, there is none. The Gofpel offereth pardon to the thirf+ie andburdened, if hee will receive it : affureth them ofpardon, who have embraced the promife : but where (hall wee find- ground, whereupon the guiltie perfon, who beleevethnotto remifsionof finnes, maybee affured that his finnes not a6lually pardoned, are yet pardoned and blotted out of Gods remembrance ? Faith taketh the pardonprefented to it in tiswordof promife, and travel- lingwith it, bringeth forth acìuall remifsionof fin, which uponour faithwe receive. Afl'urance is not before pardon, nor aetuall remifsion before faith, unletfe the effe&be be- fore thecaufe, andthe fame thing beeboth caufeandeffee}. Tobeleevein Chrif+tofalvation is to receive him. But to receive Chrif+asbee is offereduntous in theGofael, is not tobee affured that our finnes are already pardoned inand through Jefus Chrif +, but to ref+ upon him for pardon. Before the ad} ofjuification, faith path for objeí} this propofition concerning the future, To mee beleeving my finnes fhall be forgiven : but after the promife isreceived, andpardon obtained, it bath this propofition concerning the prefent or time paf+, To me beleeving inChrif+ my fins are forgiven. And thus the horned argument of the Jefuite, whereby heewould prove the fpeciall mercie of Godnottobee the objee} offaith jnf+ifying , and our doó}rine in that point to beegrofl'eand abfurd,is eafily untied. For thus hereafo- neth; 3i:ti Eying faith goeth before juflificátion : But faith in the fpeciall meíìsieof God followeth juflification. Forhee that beleeveth the pardonof his fins, is either jut+ beforeor notjuf+; ifjut+before, thenfaith juflifieth not ; G4 if' Joh. r.Yx He¿vet. con ell: art.If. Tar. de 7uff,f. lib. capro. euar. de 54'!. Sea.Ratio f cttn- da. Idemde fee/. 115.4. cap. r t . . Seaarii noFlri.