Ball - BT770 B3 1637

What manner of affurance is obtained. 3 furreóuion, or the like.: becaufe thefe articles are totally j and immediately revealed in holy Scripture; but that his untiesin particular are remitted, depends upon an argu- ment, whereof onely one part is immediately the Word of God, and the othera colletion arifing upon reflection, andoblervationof a mans owne qualities andactions, and the conclufion is more or leffe certaine, according to the conditionof the fecond propofition. Ir is a thing more certaineand evident tofaith, that Godgave Chritt'todye for tanners, that whofoeverbeleeveth in himfhouldnot pe- rifh, but have life evert;fling , than it is to my confcience, that I beleeve with well-rooted and all- feafdning confi.' dence : I have greater affurance that God is faithfull and true, than that my heart is upright : Therefore I have greater affurance that the true Beleever fháll bee laved, than that my felfe am received unto mercie. Albeit faith doe fomettmes Bagger and waver, as tou- chingtheverie principles themfelves and immediate Word ofGod; yet becaufe the truth and certaintie thereofis more eatily and better conceived, they are for the moft part morefamiliarlyand readily beleeved. But the con- clufions , becaufe of themfelves they are unknowne, and have their light onely from the principles, are not fo firmely apprehendedas the principles themfelves, whiter} doubts haplymay becall, let/ there bee any errour com- mitted in the application and life thereof. It is a prin- ciple delivered for affurance of falvation, Btleeve in the Lordjeftts ChriAandthou.(halt bepaved. Hereupon the faithfull man inferreth to himfelfe, Ibeleeve in theLord Jefus Chrif, therefore I (hall bee laved. In thiseither confufedlyor expreffely inferred, hee comforteth himfelfe, and rejoyceth in God, and in hope thereof chearefully ferveth God, calleth upon his -name, and in patience ex-. peaeth the revealingof hisfilvation. And yet oftentimes itfalleth out, that hee tlueftioneth his faith, andnot feeing filch effeelfs thereof, as hee firppofeth there ought to bee, makethdoubt le1Thaplyheebeedeceived; and though the principle