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contained inthi'ffiri$Párt.: altogether free from affaults, p.Io9 The benefits that come unto us by temptations,: p. I x I The Commandements are laid before beleevers, not as the caufe for obtaining ofeternall life, but as the wav towalke inuntoeternalllife,§ Iop.1 z Uprightwalking is neceffary, buI not the caufe of Jufiification, pa r 3.114 The beleever relyeth not upon hisvvorkes, though he exercife himfelfe therein with all dili- gence, p sr 4 What infirmities may Rand with affurance offaith, § f I p.ii5 116, I 17,118 What.linnes hinder afùrance, § Iap.iig,ri.9 The alfolute reigneof Anne will not Rand with the fatte of grace, § I; p. 119,120 True affurarice breeds increafe of refolution and care pleafe God, 5,1.4. p.1-20,1zz,IZa Ch AP. IX. orTie authority of the Church cannot bee the ground of faith': §Ip.I23,124 Whatfoever credit the Church hath,it receiveth the famefrom the Scriptures, p.124, The authority of the Pope , whom they call the Church yirtnall, is the firfl ground and lafè refolution of the Roma- nil?s faith, § z p. t 24,124 Faith refteth not upon the Saints, but upon Jcfus Chrift, § 3 p. x17,128 The Rhemiftr in defence of their Saint invocation, are driven to fay, thatwee are to truft in the Saintsdeparted, p. 1282 x29 &c. C,HAP.X. `rHe benefits and of &s of AA faith, § t p.13 r,e;z, &c. Faith .doth not effe l and per- forme thofe things by any ex- cellency,forcç, or efficacy ofits ovine aboye of her`oraces t but in.;tefpeft of the officewhere- unto it is affigned in the Cove- nantofgrace,: - p.i3g Ofall creatures man onely is ca- pable of juftífying faith, § z p.í35 Faith is proper unto man in this life, in his journey towards his perfeft: home and eternal! ha- .. bitation, p.1 z5 All men havenot faith, ibid. The fubje &of jufti£ying is man a firmer, called according to the putpofe ofGod, acknowledg- ing his offences, andhungring and thirfting after mercy, p.136 The feat offaith is the heart, but the heart contrite,humbled,be- wailing finne, denying it felfe and aflèfted withdefire ofre- miffr.on, §-3 P. 137 InScripture the heart is takenfor the whole foule , with all its powers andoperations, p, i; 8 Faith iscommon to all, and pecu- liar to them onely, who be cal- led according to thepurpofe of God, § 4 p.139,140' All havenot the like meafnre of faith, §,1 p.141 Faithperfedin-none, p. 141,142, The faith of the weakeft Chri- ftian is fufficient to falva= tion,