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140 Ail havenot likemeaEitreofFaith. /'phcf.4.g. z Cot .4,13. Mat.g:z. t Per.1.1. Pet.r.7. Rom.t.17. Ga1.1.zo. t.john 343. Hab.z.4: John 2047. Acts 16.31. & 19.4. John ì4.1. r Pet.1.q. Heb.11.6,7,8.9, to,&c. Ga1. 3.z9., AQs 8.37. James 5.14,15. Phil.1.19. IipheC6.18. 1 Ther.3.1. Heb1o:38: .1116áenot like ,neajttreof faith. Rom.12,.3.. Mat.8.1o.& 15. a8. Mat.E.3o.& 8. 26.& 14.31. & th.8. Mar.9.24. Rom.4.zo. Ron.14.1. &=;51. of God. All that be favingly-effetually called, and they onely, arepartakers of the fame faith in fubje&, object, kind , but not innumber and degree. Every beleever bath a proper, fingular, fincere, individuali faith , in kinde the fame,but innumber differing from the faithof others; as the faithof Peter was diffinó from the faithof the other Difciples. Thejtift doth live by his orrrne faith. A fpe- ciall and particular faith is required in every one that fhall be fáved. This particular faith is commended by the Holy Ghof in particular faithfullmen and women: and when the faithful! of age and difcretion were admitted to Baptifine, they profeffed particularly their faith in Chrif+. Health-of body, and Inch Iikeoutwardbleflîngs, may be conferred byGoduponone for the faith of another. And the childrenof Chriflianparents arewithin thecovenant for their parents faith, as thepromife is made to the faith- fulland to their feed , and they receive it for themfelves and their pofierity. And generally the faith ofone may helpe to obtaine for another, fo farre as it moveth to pray for others. But remiffion of finnes and falvation is not obtained without a proper and fpeciall faith in them that be of ripe yeeres , and have the ole of reafon. God takesno pleafure in themwho with-draw themfelves by unbeliefe. g. 5. Thefaith which is beleeved is one and the fame, the grace whereby we beleevefupernaturallyinfufed, the feateof faith an humbled andcontrite heart ; but themea- fure of faith is not equal! or like in all. To forceis given agreatermeafureof faith;to others a lear : faith is more firong inthis Chriflian , moreweake in that. There is a greatfaith , anda littlefaith ; aflrongfáith,and a weak! faith. All living trees in an Orchard bee not of one growth or fruitfulnefTe : all men be not ofone ffature, elate, or age; but Tome high, fume low; force rich, others poore.; force (+tong to labour, others thatmufc be borne or heldupby the armes : and fo it is in the Church of