Ball - BT770 B3 1637

I52 Efay 55.7. Eaek. 18.2r. & 33.11. Mal. 3. 17. Efay 1. 18. Tit. z.r4. 1 Job.r.7. Mar.i6.16. job. 315,16. 2X 6.34,40. Aas 10.43. Matth.l 2 r. 8r 18.1i. Luke I4.10 r J01.3.23,24. 2Tim.r.i2. Heb. 7. 25. Matth.9.6. z Cor.S.y. Motives andencouragements tobeleeve. finnes fecret and open, great and fmall, ofwhat quality foever, is promifed and afl'ured to them that repent and beleeve. Andwhen lifeand falvation ispromifed to them that will receive it by faith, no man is excluded from that mercie, but bee that (huts forth himfelfe by Infi- delity. Wee have a Saviour , whocame into the world to fave finners, and is able to deliver usout ofthehands ofall our enemies , his redemption beingboth precious andplenti- full. And therefore , though the multitude andgrievant:. nefreofourfinnes fhouldencreafe our repentance,yet they fhould not diminifh our faith, and diligence in feeking aflüranceofforgivenefl'e. Forthough our debt was never fo great , our furetyChrifl Jefus bath paid it to theurmoft farthing. The Lord who is bet+ acquainted with hisowne love, mercy, andcompafíion, and knoweth what is pleating and acceptable unto him, hath lraightly'charged and com- manded us to beleeve in him, and beleevingwill befiow uponus eternall life according to promife. And can there beanyfraud inGods Word ? or danger in yeelding obe- dience tohis Commandement ? What need wee feare to commit our foules tohim , who is able tokeepe them, and bath bound himfelfe to fave them, if wee relie upon him ? Our Faith is direaed to God inand throughJefiis Chri(l our neere kinfman, who bath taken our nature , and isbe- come fleshofour flesh. Thoughwe feared forcegreat man, yet were bee married to our houfe,very neere us , this cir- cumftance would animate us not a little : the famefhould wee thinke of our God, married as aforefaid toourflesh. Chrif+ our Saviour and high Priet} ever liveth, to ap- peare in heavenbefore his Father , and tomakeinterce_ onfor us. TheFather, whohathcommittedalljudgement to the Sonne,bath givenuntohim powerto remit and par- don finne; and beeas ourfuretie, having allour debt laid uponhim , bath byone oblationofhimfelfe onceoffered , pur-