Ball - BT770 B3 1637

5A. 11Meanesfor theright plantingof ftiti lfay 55.1.1,Z. Joh :7 37. Nnm.zz.9. Job. 3 T-1- 1Viatth.I I.2é. fort them. Ho every one that thirJ eth, comeyee to the wa- ters. Let every one that is athirfi, come unto mee, and drip*e. Ifany bee oppreffed with the weight of finne , him doth the Lord intreat and perfwade tocome forcafe Ifany bee confounded in confcienceofhis owne wretched - neffe and finne , to him the Lord calleth in theGofpel , Come," and let thy foule delight in fatneffe. Men of this world labour to match with fuch in marriage, as bee rich and vertuous but Chriil doth profer love to fuch as bee poore, that hee might make them rich ; fifty, that hee might make them beautifull; in difireffe, thatbee might comfort them; bale, that hee might make them honou- rable; guilty, that he might acquit them ; naked , thathee might cloath them. 3 Thirdly, ponder and weigh who it is that maketh this liberali and free promife, evenGod himfelfe, who is able, andwilling, and faithfull toperforme what hee promifeth of his rich graceand unfpeakable mercy. All thefe are cleare and manifèfl for the truth ofthem , but we have need oft tofet thembefore us for ourufe, to encourage us the more boldly and fincerely to relie upon Chrifl. To this end fpecially, are thefe teflimonies of Gods power, mercy , and truth fo often repeated in the Scr-iptures,that we might have them ever before us, touphold us againfl our doubtings and feares, whereofour nature is full. The things promifed in theGofpel are unlikely in reafon, op_ polite to fenf and feeling , toogreat and excellent, asSa- tan andour,_diflrutlfüll hearts willfuggefl, tobee conferred upon filch vile and filthy creatures as webe, who have fo many waies difhonoured God , and have filch a loadeoffin lying flillupon us; For the overcomming of which temp- tation , wee mull Tooke up tohim that bathmade the pro- mife; hisgrace, faithfulnefïe, and power ; and keep them in our eye continually , rowfing up our foules to beleeve againfl fenf and feeling, reafon and likelihood, becaufe God is faithfull,and cannot denie himfelfe; gracious, and will not call us offfor ourunworthineffe; great in might, able