Ball - BT770 B3 1637

AN ALPHABETICA LL TABLE OF THEPRINCIPALL Matters contained in this Booke. A Acceptable. O a&ion is truly ac- ceptable, unlefle it In quickened and enbived by faith, part. a. ca: 8. pag. 96 c:2. 1;4& c :9.pag:3 72. Sincere obedience, though im- perfe&, is pleating and acceptable unto God,par:z.c:9.pag:369,3 yo Accejfè. par: z, c: z o, pág: a 3 a, par:2,c:4, pag.z5o. God in groat mercy vouchfa- feth to his children many excel- lent. royalties and priviledges in this life, par:z,c:4ip:2,s7,z58. The adopted have fanne-like interefi; and title unto the crea- turesin Chrift, par.z,c.8,pa.363. & c.4,pag.2 8 Aets of faith that arife from the priviledges of the Adopted, pag.z 59,26o, &c. The children of God having the promife both of this life and that which is to comeydo by faith Free acceffi to the throne of rely upon his grace , to receive grace with boldneffe and confi- from him whatfoever may bee dente is a priviledge accompany. good for them,pag.a S9ia6r,267, ing affürance of ourreconciltatt- . The fonne-fhip of believers on with God,par:a,c:2,pag:22o, being purchafed byChrift, muff asz.. needs be an ineftimable benefit, Adoption. pag.z65, To be the fonofGodby adop- By faith wee are adopted tobee tion,isa greater dignity then to be the Sonne ofGod, and fo have Monarch ofthcwhole world, pa. title to the heavenly inheritance, 165,266.aMore honourable con- F f; dition