Ball - BT770 B3 1637

''r ¡¡ '¡ GJ _,[/Jhv¡¡. x x S?cV.a7ui"..S` A TREATISE1 OFFAITFI. into twoParts The firit flhewing the NA T U R E, The fecond, the LIFE ef, "fr' 0,1k7W.t of FAITH: e Both tending todire& theweake Chriftian how he F; 4 maypoífeírethewholeWordof Go n as his owne, overcome temptations,better his obedience, and live comfor- tably e, in all e(tates.. By yOH11t BALL. HAB. 2.4. The jssfifhall live by his Faith. , The third Editioncorre6led and enlarged. A LONDON, h Printed by Robert Tbrrng for Edward Brerfler, and are '604 tobefold athis Shopat thePigneoftheBible n. uponFleet bridge, i G 3 7. x i4+ +q+ ,