Ball - BT770 B3 1637

20 Faith if an 4 ent. I. Firme. Acs 13.34. :sam.q.ts. Phil.a.r. z Tim 3.14. `Joh.3.19. Rom.8.38. Heb.u.r. retj met{r e: e- eompanied,vith dosbttp. Matth.r4.3r. and zr.zr- M,21.1r.23. Luke 12.-z9. jam.r.s. mik.9.2,1. Rom.4.T . Rom, V920. Faith is afirme affent,as appearethby the originall of the word,& thearguments wherwithit is joyned. Iamperfwa- dedof the fame thing, that he which hath began thisgood worke inyau,willperformeit untili the day ofJefti Chrift. Continue thou in the things which thouhaft learned, and art affured of, For thereby ree know that wee are of the truth,andfhall before him allure our hearts. Iam perfwa- ded,that neither life, nor death, nor Angels, nor principals- ties, &c. where thegrounds ofthis perfsvafion thew it tobe firme & infallible. And it is further manifefled by thedefi- nition offaithgiven by the ApofIle,callingit, Theevidence of things notfeene : becaufe it doth reprefent thofe things to themind by a certaineaffent, and to the heartby certain confidence, which cannot becomprehended byreafon. But though faith in it felfebe a firme affent, yet by tea- fonofour infirmity itis fometimesaccompaniedwithdoub- rings. The things,beleevedofali,are one and the lime : but the habit,quality,orinward flrhngth,by which theybeleeve, is not oflike force in all. In itowne nature faith is oppofite todoubting and wavering; O thou o flittlefaith,wherefore didit thou doubt ? Ifyehavefaith,& doubtnot. Whofoever 'ballfayuntothis mountaine, Take thyfelfe away, and cart thyfelfe into thefea, and(hall not waver in his heart, but fba l beleevethat thole things heefaith, (hall come togaffe, Thereforearl `enot whatye(halleat,orwhat e//balldrin /e }° J" ket neitherlet doabtfullthoughtsa /tend in pour hearts. Aske infaith, and wavernot. But through our weakneffeit is often mixed with doubt ings : Lord. I beleeve, help mine unbeleefe. .Abraham is commended for his faith, and pro- pounded by the HolyGhofl as a patterne to all his lle- ritie.: yet was hee not Free from infirmities, as the Morse fheweth in diverfe particulars. The Apoílh writeth thus ofthe faithofAbraham. nd_being not weake in faith, he confiderednot hie owne body nowdead,whenhe was about aas hundred yeeresold, neither yet the deadneffe ofSarahs Vom6, Nee /1aggered not at the promife of God through unbeleefe : but waflrong in faith, giving glorieto god. He.