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3uflifyingFaith cannot bewithout Love. 49 fpirituall obje&s, and fixing them faflefi upc.0 fuch as it adjudgeth belt , and moll effe ivall to the edifying of themfelves and others. In juftifying faith two things are to bee conlidered ; the common nature or fikfiance, and the fpecificall nature, plantation and foveraigntie. For faith hifloricall and jufiifying agree in this, that both the oneand the other is an affent to divine truths, grounded upon the authoritie of the revealer : Faith temporarie and jufiifying agree in this, that they receive the Word, and refit upon the mercies of God: but hi radication , love- raigntie,andworking, and fo infpeciall nature, favingfaith differeth fromother kinds. The feed which fell by thehigh wayfide, in flonyground, among thornes,and in good foile, was one and the fame: and in mofi of thefe grounds it woke, notalike inall, kindly in the good foyle alone. The common nature of faith is to receive the Word ; which Tome receive by bare aflent of underflanding ; others by Height and fuperficiall confidence which vanifheth away: hut the doStrine of life taketh kindly in the honeft and goodheart, which embraceth it foundly with unfained and well-rootedaffiance. Juaifying faith is difcerned from the other kinds, not by this, that it receiveth the promifes which they doe not: but it receiveth them in another manner and degree, with firmer radication in the heart, which is the feat ofthe affetions,that itmight feafon them, and fubjedi earthly defires to the affe&ation of heavenly things. Atnonga thechiefeRulers ofthe fewes, many beleeved in Chrift,faith theEvangelifl, whoyet confeffedhimnot, be- caufeofthe phariJees, left they mould becaft out ofthe Sy- nagogue. But John fometime following the Hebrew phrafe ufeth the termeofbeleeving in (hrift,for beleeving Chr,ft; applying it to them, who by the miracles of Chrifl, and his manifefl declaration of the truth, were convi&ed in confcience to acknowledge him tobee of God, or did be- leeve in him for a time, but did not in finceritie fubmit themfelves unto him. And thusit might bee faid offore E of Johaz.4z. 'Bella?. de Jaßif. Ith. a. cap.'s. §. prim®. Jd1.2.23,24.