Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. 109 Principles of Faith, and the evi- dent Principles of Nature. l Te alfo publitht fome warm Difcourfes, to Apologize for the Preaching ofDiflenting Miniflers, and to excite them to do their Duty. He did not think that Ad of Uniformity could difoblige them from the Exercife of their Office. 'Tis true, Magifirates are Titular-Gods by their Deputation and Vicegerency., but fubordinate and accountable to God above. Their Laws have no binding force upon the Confcience, but from his Command ; and if contrary to his Law, are to be difobeyed. The Minifters. Confecrated to the Service of God are under a moral perpetual Obligation of Preaching the faving Truths of the Gofpel, as they have opportunity. There needs no miraculous Teflirnony of their Cammifiìon fromHeaven, to authorize the Going their ordi- nary Duty. In