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A Funera1Serrnon FOR THE Reverend, Holy and Ex- cellent DIVINE, Mr. Richard Baxter , Who deceafed Decernb. 8. 1691. WITH SOME Account of His L I F E. By WILLIAMBATES, D. D. LONDON, Printed for Bray. Aylmer, at the Three Pigeons against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill. z 6 9.2.

To the Right Worfhipfull , and his muchHonoured Friend, Sr Henry Alharil, Baronet SIR, Noble and Conftant JQndnef to Mr. Baxter Living and your Honourable (e fpeEt to him Dead , have in- duced me to infcribe the follow- ing Memorial of him to your Name. He was moll worthy of your Weft Efteem andLove, for the firfi Irnpre ions of Hea- ven upon your Soul , were in Zeading his unvalued Book of the Saints Everlal+ing Ref{. This kindled a mutual Af}é Lion in your Breafls : his Love cacas A 2 Di-

Epiflle Dedicatory. Direíting, Cousfelling, and Ex- citing you to fecure your Future Eappinef : your Lome way Ob fervant, Crátefull, and Benefi- cent to him. The Sincerity and Generofity ofyour FriendJhip, was fiery evident, in your appearing and f landing by him, when he was J roughly and unrigliteoufly hand- led, by one, who was the do- dtour of this Ages Lary ; whofé Deportment in a high place of judicature, was fQ contrary to Wi fdom, Humanity, andJuice, that there need no"foul words to wake bis Name odious. Ofthis qndyour other Favours M. B3ax- ter retain'd a dear and lafting Senfe ; and in his dying hours çkk:çlaredg that you had keen the bell

Epi£tie Dedicatory.. heft l friend be ever baci. He has finned his Courfe, and recei- ved his Crówn : His Name will f bine long-er than his Enemies (hall bark. I calm. l moot omit the mentioning, that Mr. Boyle and Mr. Baxter, thofe incomparablePer fons in their feveral Studies, and dear Friends, died within a Jhort (pace io f one another. Mr. Boyle was enga- ged in the Contemplation of the 17_ ofn and ArchiteE ure of the vi able World, and made rare dif . coveries in thefyftem ofNature riot'for Curiofity and barren Spe- culation, but to admire and adore the P ea f eEtions of the Deity in the Variety, Order, !Beauty, and mar- .Pelious Artifice of the, Creatures A 3 that

Epiftle Dedicatory. that compote thisgreat Univer fe. Mr. Baxter was converlant in the inviPible World: his Mind was c®n flantly applied to underfland the harmonious Agreement of the DivineAttributes in the °economy of our Salvation, and to reflore Men to the Favour and Image of God. They are now admitted into the inlightned and purified Society above . where the immenfe Vo- lumes of the Divine Wi fdom are laid open, and by one glance ofan eye, they di fcover more per felt ly the Caufes, Efyetis, and Concate- nation of all things inHeaven and Earth, than the moll diligent In- quirers can do here, in a thou/and years Study, though they had the Sagacity of Soloaaoza. By the Light

Epiftie Dedicatory. Light of Glory, they fee the face of God, and are fatisfied with his likenefs for ever. 'Ts a high honour to you, that Mr. Boyle and .Mr.Baxter fhould by their Laft Will nominate you amongft their Executors. .It was the Saying of a W feRoman, Malo divi Augufti judicium, quam beneficium. I had ra- ther have the Efleemof the Ens- perour Auguftus than his Gifts : for he was- an , underftandiig Prince, and his Efteemwas Very Honourable to a Perfon. That two who fo excell'd in Wi fdorn and Goodnefl, fhould commit to your Truft the dfpojal of their EfCates for the Wes ofPiety and charity is a more noble Tef i- mony

Epiíile Dedicatory, mony of their Efieem ofyour Pru- dence and inviolable Integrity,than if they had bequeathed. to you rich Legacies. It is a JatisfaEtion to me, that I haze complied with Mr. Bax ter's de fire in Preaching his Fu- neral-Sermon, and withyours in bublifhing it. Ifhall unfeigned ly recommend Tour f f, your ex- cellent Lady, and vertuouss Chil- dren, to the Divine .Mercies : and remain, with great lPefpeca, SIR, Your humble and faithfull Servant, William Bates.

I A SERMON On the DEATH of Mr. Richard Baxter. Luke 23. 46. And when Jefu had cried with a loud Voice, bePaid, Father, into thy Hands I commend my Spirit. Words are thePray, erof ourBleffed Saviour in the Extremity of his Pafons His unrighteous and implacable Enemies had nail'd his Body to the Crofs, but they had

- .. ;" 221111.1111111...111. Z A Funeral-Sermon on liad no power over his Spirit, that was ready to take its flight to the Sanauary of Life and Immortality. This dyingPray- er of Chrift is a Pattern for Lincere Chriflians s He has in- ve[aed them with the Relati- on of ChildrenofGod ; and au- thorifes them by his Example, tocommend their departingSpi- rits to his powerful Love. The Obfervation I ,gall unfold and apply, is this '%s the Priviledg of dying Saints, to commend their Spirits into the Hands o. f their Heavenly Father. Indifcourfingof this, I íhall, I. Confider the Founda*ion of this Priviledg. IL Shew what a blefred Pri- viledg this is. III. Apply it I, The

Mr. Richard Baxter. I. The Foundation of this Friviledg is to be confider'd This is built upon two things. i. The Relation of God to the Saints. 2. His Perfeaions joined with that Relation, 1. The Relation of God to the Saints. The Title of Fa- ther is upon feveral Accounts attributed to God. (r.) He is a Father by Cre- ation : O Lord, thou art our Fa- ther : we are the Clay, thou art the Potter, we are the 'York of thine Hands. He formed Man's Body into a Maje(hick Figure, becoming hisoriginal Sate, be- ing Lord of the lower World. But in a peculiar manner he is filed the Father ofSpirits: they have a near Alliance, and Re- femblanCe of the Father of Lights,' in their intelletiial B 2 P.ow- Ifa 64.

4 A Funeral-Sermon on Job â. Luke 3. Powers, and their immortal Nature. From hence it is, the Angels are called the Sons of God : They are the eldef{ Off fpring.of his Power. Adam has the Title of the Son of God. And Pince the Fall, Men are called God's O(spring. There is an indelible Charaaerof Dig- nity engraven in the reafonable Nature by the Hand of God. But fince Man turn'd Rebel to his Creator and Father, this endearing obliging Relation aggravates his Rebellion, but gives him noInterefr in the Pa- ternal Love of God, of which he has made a deadlyForfeiture. "ris threatned againli ignorant perverib Sinners, He that made them, will not fave them. (2:) Upon the account ofex- ternal Calling and Profeffion, there is an intercurrent Relati- on of Father and Sons between God

-..-------- Mr. Richard Baxter. God and his People. Thus the Pofterity of Seth are called the Sons of God : and the entire Nation of the Jews are fo ai- led ; When Ifrael nvw young, 1 Balledmy Son out ofEgypt. Arid all that have received Baptifm, the Seal of the holy Covenant, and profefs Chriflianity, in this general Senfe may be called the Children of God. But 'tis not the outward Dedication that entitles Men toa laving Intereft in God, unlefs they live accor- ding to that Dedication. There are baptized Infidels, as well as unbaptized. Howmany every day fall as deep as Hell, whofe hopes were high,on the account of their external Chriflianity. (3.) God is our Father upon a more excellent Account, by Renovation and Adoption. The natural Man is what St. Paul faith of the voluptuous Widow, B 3 dead Gen. 6. Hofea r r .

4 A Funeral-Sermon on dead while he lives. There is not only a ceffation of fpiritual Aas, but an utter incapacity to perform them : he cannot obey nor enjoy God. Now the re- newing of Man is called a Re- generation : Our Saviour tells 1Vicodemai, VerilyIfayunto you, Unleif a Man be born again, he cannot enter into the Kingdomof Heaven. The reafon of the Expreflion is, becaufe there isa newNature, fpiritual, holy and heavenly, communicated, dif- ferent from the carnal, polluted and earthly Nature, derived from the firft Adarn. And as the Relationof a Father refults from thecommunicating a vita l aaive Principle to another, in that kind of Life likehis own; fo God by making us Partakers ofaDivineNature,ofhisLife and Image, is ftiled our Father : Of Jan"ry 18. his own Will begat he to, with the Wora

Mr. Richard Baxter. 7 Word of Truth. And we are faid, to be bornagain, not of cor- I Pet. I I. 25. ruptible Seed, but incorruptible, by the Wordof God, which liveth and abideth for ever. By the Divine Influence, the Word of God implants in them fuchQua- lities and Difpofitions whereby they refemble God, are holy, as he is holy, in all manner of Con verfation. They are called god- ly, as they are like him in their Minds, Affeaions and Aaions. And to fuch God has the Heart and Eye of a Father, to regard and relieve them in all their Exigencies. Like a a Father Pfa1.Io3. pities his Children, fo the Lord 13. pities them that ferve him. We are alfa the Children of God by Adoption. This hea- venly Privilege is obtained for us by themeritorious Sufferings of Chrifr, and is our Union with him. God lent his B4 Son,

A Funeral-Sermons on Gal. 4. Son, that he miht redeem them that wereunder the Law, that they might receive theAdoptionofSons . For his fake we are not only pardoned, but preferr'd to this Heavenly Dignity. 'Tis wor- thy of Obfervation, that the Degrees of our Redemption mentioned in Scripture, have annex'd to themparallel degrees of our Adoption. Thus when 'tis raid, We are redeemed from the Curfe ofthe Lair, 'tis added, That we might receive the Adop- tion of Sons. When 'tis faid, We are treedfrom thefervileSpi- rit of the Law, it follows, We Aom.8.x .have received the Spirit of Adop- tion, whereby we cry, Abba, Fa- ther. And the Apoftle tells us, That the redemption of our Bo- dies from the bondage of Corrup- tion, into the glorious Liberty of the Sons of God, is our Adopti- on, that is the manifeilatiori of

M . Richard Baxter. of it before all the World. Our Adoption is founded in our UnionwithChrift. AMem- ber of Chrift, and a Son of God are the fame : 'Tis therefore Paid, As many as receivedhim, to Joh.1.12. them gave he .Power,_ or Privi- lege, to become the Sons of God, even to them that believe on his Name. And ye are all the Sons Gal. t of God, by Faith in jefus Chrift. This is the vital Band of our Unionwith Chrift, and invefts us with his Relation to God. Whenhewas toleave theWorld, he fends this comfortable Mef- fage to his Difciples ; Go, tell Joh.20.1 Y my Brethren, I afcend to my Fa- ther and your Father, to my God and your God. His Relation has the precedence in Order, Dignity and Caufality. He is God's own Son, in a fenfe infi- Rom. 8.3. nitely high and proper to him- feif : To which of the Angels fad Heb. he

Funeral-SernZon on m.111, he at any time, Thou art my Son, to dayhave I begotten thee ? The fublimeft Prophet breaks forth withWonder, Who(hall declare his Generation? 'Tis above our Capacity and Conception. It becomes us toacquiefce inwhat the Scripture reveals. He is the eternal Word and Wifdom of God, the Brightnefs ofhis Fa- ther's Glory. This is the moil fit Comparifon : for as Light is produaive of Light without a- ny diminution ; fo the Eternal Father communicated his Ef- fence to theSon. In fhort, God is Chrií}'s Father by Nature, and God by Difpenfation ; he is ourGod as the Author of Na- ture, and our Father by Adop- tion. Before I proceed, it is fit to obferve the Excellence of the Evangelical Adoptionabove the Civil Adoption among Men. (I.) Adopm

M. Richard Baxter. 1100.1.1... I (r.) Adoption is a legal AU in imitation of Nature, for the Comfort of thofewho are with- out Children. But God had a Son, theHeir of his Love and Glory. His adopting Love is heightned by confidering our Meannefs and Vilenefs we are but a little breathing Duff worthlef Rebels. The Apo file cries out in a rapture of Ad- miration and Joy, Behold what manner of Love the Father bath bellowed upon us, that we fhould be called theSons of God ! Ifwe confider the natural Diffance between God and us, as he is the Creator, and we are the Works of his Hands, 'tis truly infinite ; but the moral Diffance between theholy righteous God and the guilty polluted Crea turc, is, if it were poflible,more than infinite : Love inconcei- vable ! That releafes us from Bone

t z A Funeral-Sermon on r Bondage, and adopts us into the. Lineof Heaven. If we admire any thing of this World in corn- parifon of it, 'tis a fign we have no ¡hare in this Privilege. (2.) Civil Adoption conveys. no Praife-worthy Qualities into the Perlon that is adopted. A King may adopt one to be his Son, and the Heir of his King- dom, but cannot endow him with a Royalty of Spirit, with ruling Wildom, with Jufrice and Equity , Clemency and Bounty,with Magnanimity and Fortitude, that may qualify him to manage the Scepter. The adopted Prince may be of a low fordid Difpofition, a Slave to his vile Lufis, and detigning to enflave others. But all the a- dopted Sons of God are divine- ly renewed ; they are purified from defiling & debatingLuf}s, and are adorn'd with all the Graces

Mr. Richard Baxter. Graces of the Spirit, that God is not afhamed to be called their Heb. God and Father, nor Chrift afha- Heb. 2. reed to call themBrethren. Now from this fpecial Relation and Intereft of God in the Saints, there is a lure Foundation of their Trutt in his Paving Mer- cy. David addreífeshimfelf to God for his prefervation from imminent Danger, I am thine, Pfal. ig' fave me : As if his mifcarrying would bea Lofs toGod,whohad fo dear a Propriety in him. I come now to the fecond thing that encourages the pray- ing Faith of the Saints when they leave the World, to com- mend their Souls to him, His PerfeEions joined with his Re- lation : His Love inclines, his Truth engages, and his Power enables him to bring them fafe- ly to Heaven. I. His

14 A Fizrieral=Sea+mon on I. His Love. This is the brightell Ray of the Deity, the firft and cleareft Notion we have of God. St. john tells us, God is Love. His Love cannon be fully exprefs'd by the dearth Relations and Affeìions in Na- ture. TheRelation of Parents, as 'tis moll deeply implanted in Nature, fo it implies the molt cordial, lfrong and tender Af- feEion. But as God is infinite- ly greater and better than earth- ly Parents ; fohe equally excels them, as in his Abilities, fo in his good Will to his Children. Our Saviour direas us, Call no Man Father upon Earth, for one is your Father, which is in Hea- ven : The Title and Love of a Father is peculiar to him. Our Saviour argues, Ifyou that are evil, know how togivegood things toyour Children, how much more gall your heavenly Father to thole that

Mr. Richard Baxter. that ask him ? The Inference is Prong, not only from the Di- vine Authority of the Speaker, but from the native Peripicuity of the Things : for the Love of an earthly Father is but an Infuton into his Brear from the heavenly Father, andbut a faint refemblance of his Love. The Love of a Mother is more ten- der and endearing than of a Fa- ther : Even a fearful Hen will fly upon Death, to preferve its tender Brood from the Devour- er : Yet the Love of God to his Children far excels it. Can a Woman forget her flicking Child? What Heart, what Marble is in her BreaP fo incompaffionate and unrelenting, as to negleEI her helplefs Infant ? She may, bast, faith God, brillnever forget thee.TheSeraphims,thofe bright and unperilhingFlames, are but faint and cold, in comparifon of

1.4 6 AFuneralaSermon on of God's Love to his Children, 'Tis obfervable how the Love of God to them expref- fes it felf in all the Notions of Propriety and Precioufnefs, to make it more fenfible to us. Exod. 19. They are filed his Treafure, his Mal. 3. jewels, the mof precious part Zech.9. 16 of his Treafure, the Jewels of his Crown, that are the richef Jewels. Nowwill he throw a- way his Treafure, or fuller the cruel Enemy to rob him of his Jewels ? Will he not take them into his fate Cufody ? 'Tis to be obferved, that the Eleem and Affeaion of God principal- ly refpeas theSouls of hisChil- dren : TheirSouls have anori- ginalAffinity withhim in their Subfance as Spirits : and being born again of the Spirit, they are Spirit in their Divine Qua- lities&Endowments, and more endear'd to him than by their firi

Mr. Richard Baxter. firfF.Alliance.His tender Care to preferve them. willbecorrefpon- dent tohis Valuation and Love. Moreover , the Condition of departing Souls affords ano- ther Argument of reliance up- on his Love ; for they leave this vifible World,withall their Supports and Comforts ; they are í}ripp'd of all fenfible Secu- rities : And will he leave them fatherlefs in fuch a forlorn and defolate State ? His Love is ex- prefs'd byMer`y, Compaffion, Pity, melting Affeaions, that are moff tenderly moved when thebeloved Objet,} is in Dif}refs. Our Saviour propounds an Ar- gument for dependance upon the delivering Love of God, from the Exigence of his Peo- ple; Shallnot Goddeliver his`own Eleïl, the Defgnation of Love, who cry day andnight to him? Ie will do it fpeedily. Love is ne- C vcr

z 3 A Funeral -Sermon on ver moreardent and aEive than in times of Diffrefs. Therefore when his dying Children are deprived of all their Hopes and dependance uponCreatures, and fly tohim for Proteaion andRe- lief, will he not hear their mournful Requeffs, and grant their fainting Defires ? When their earthly Tabernacles are fo ruinous, that they are forc'd to diflodg, will the Love of a Hea- venly Father fuff'er their naked Souls to wander in the vaft Re- gions of the other World, feeking Reg, and finding none ? Certain- ly he will bring them into his reviving Prefence. If Divine Love be fo condefcending, that Ufa. 57. the high and lofty One that inha- bits Eternity, dwells with the hum- ble and contrite Spirit, to revive the Spirit of the Humble, when they are confin'd to our lowly Earth, we maybe affur'd, when that

Mr. Richard Baxter. that Spirit (hall be devefled of Flefh,he will bring it toHeaven the Temple of his Glory, to be with him for ever. 'Tis great- er Love for a King to lay a- u de his State, and dwell in a mean Cottage with his Favou- rite, than to receive him into his Palace, and communicate to him of his rich Abundance. 'Tis another moil comfortable Confederation, that the Love of God is urivariable towards his Children : His Love is the fòle moving Caufe of our filial Re- lation to him : Of his own Will James. he begat ta by the Word ofTruth. His Soveraign free Love was the Principle of his elcaing any to the Dignity of being his Chil- dren : This Love is asunchange- able as free ; and Fleaion that proceeds from it,is as uhchange- able as his Love. What can in- duce hire to alter his Af eaiori C 2 to-

:o 4 Funeral- Sermon on towards them ? For fuch is the perfe&ionofhis Know ledg, that he can never be furprized by a fudden new Event, that may caufe a change in his Mind and Will. He forefaw all the Sins of his People, with their provo- kingAggravations. Now ifthe forefight of themdid not hinder his eleaingLove in its rife, can they frufrate its end, thebring- ingof them to Glory ? Befides, we may argue from what his Love has done for his Children, to what he will do He has given his Son and Spirit to them, the fureft Signs of his Love, if we confider the unva- luable Excellence of the Gifts, and the Defign of the Giver. The SonofGod is themofr ex- cellent Gift of his Love, as un- deferved, as he was undefired And from hence the Apofie ar- gues, Th that gave his Soy for

Mr. Richard Baxter. z i as all, bowmuch more will he with him give as all things ? Bleffed God ! What richer Evidence., and more convincing Demon- fration can there be of thy Love ? Willhe not withhimgive as all things .? The Inference is dire& and conclufive, with re- fpea to temporal and eternal Things. He will give to his Children in the prefent World,, whatever his Wifdom, in con- junetion with his Love, fees good for them. To illuffrate this by a low and familiar Ia- fiance ; If a Mother bellows upon her Daughter rich Jewels for her Marriage.Ornaments, will the deny her Pins to drefs her ? And we may as ftrongly argue, that with his Son he will give us eternal Bleffings. Will he giveus the Tree of Life, and not permit us to eat of theFruit of it ? What was the deignof C3 his

ZZ A Funeral-Sermon on his Counfel and Companion, in giving his Son to be a Sacrifice for us, but to reftore us to his Favour ? The Apoffle reafons ftrongly, Ifwhen we were Ene- mies, we were reconciled to God by the Death of his Son, much more being reconciled, we(hall be faxed by his Life. He has paid our Ranfom, and revers'd the Sentence of Condemnation a- gainft us ; and it invincibly fol- lows, he can more eafïlyacconi- plilh our Happinefs in HeaYen. If Love jufffy a Sinner, it will glorify a Saint. And as the Gift of the Son, fo themolt precious, Gift of the Spirit to God's Children, to make them holy and heavenly, is the tuoft certain fign of his Love to them. The ApoUle in the fulleft expreffion fpeaJ s of it ; God who is rich in Mercy, for his sreeit Love wherewith he

Mr. Richard Baxter. his loved iu, even when rye were dead in Sins, quickned 1,15 together with Chrifl : By Grace ye are Pa- ved. Sanfification is the effea of rich Mercy, great Love, and favingGrace. The Children of God are feal'd by the Holy Spi- rit to the Day of Redemption that Seal difinguifhes them from theobflinate and polluted World, and ratifies the convey- ance of eternal Life to them. The Spirit is filed the Earneft of the Inheritance. His dwelling in the Saints by his fznEifying and comforting Operations, is an Earnef of their dwelling with God in his Sanauary a- bove. From hence the Apoffle propounds a Prong Argument to allure the Saints, upon their leaving this World, of their re- ception into Heaven ; Now he that bath wrought us for the Pelf- fame thing, u God ; and tho C 4 Al-

2 4 4 Funeral-Sermon on Almighty always obtains his End : who bath alfogiven :s the earneji of his Spirit. Holinefs is the IV1 orni rig-Star ofthe great Day ; Grace is the Preparative andAffuranceof Glory : For al- tho the Saints are in themfelves mutable, and while there re- mains Corruption within, and a temptingWorld without, are liable to falling away, yet the free and powerful Love of God that revived them when dead, will preferve them living; that which railed them from the Grave, will prevent their relap- fing into it. The Gifts of God are without Repentance. How triumphantly does the Apoftle Rem, t. exprefshis Confidence, Whofhall feparate tofrom theLove ofGod? Shall Tribulation, or Diflreif, or Perfecution, or Famine, or Naked- nefs, or Peril, or Sword ? Thefe are the molt powerful Terrors that

IV Mr. Richard Baxter. that theperverfe Wor.ld,in com- bination with the Devil, can make ufe of to conífrain us to defert the Service of God ; but they are vain. Nay, in all thefe things we are more than Conque- rors, through him that loved us For I am perfwaded, that neither Death, nor Life, nor Angels, nor Principalities, nor Powers, nor Things prefent, nor. Things to come, nor Height, nor Depth, nor any other Creature, fhall be able to feparate us kom the Love of God, that is in Chrifi Ma, our Lord. This bleffed Aífu- ranceof theApoille is not rais'd from his extraordinary Privile- ges, not from the apparition of Angels to him, nor his rapture toParadife, nor fpecial Revela- tions, but from the Loveof God in Chrifc jefus our Lord, that everlafringly embraces all his Children. Briefly, in that God. has

26 Funeral-Sermon on has given his Son to die for us, and his Spirit to live in ús, his Son to purchafe and prepare Heaven for us, his Spirit to pre- pare us for Heaven, a dying Saint may with bleffed Tran- quillity commend his Soul into God's Hands. I have more particularly con- fidered the Fatherly Love of God, what a firong Security it affords to his Children, that he will never leave them, in that no Point requires and deferves more Confirmation, and weight of Argument to preis it down into our diffruftful Hearts. 2. TheDivineTruth affords a ftrongSecurity to theChildren of God, tocommend their Souls to him at laft. Truth is an At- tribute as effential and dear to God as any of his Perfeaions. And in the Accomplifhment of our Salvation, he ordered all things

Mr. Richard Baxter. 27 things becoming to his Wif- dom,that isfor the illuftration of all his principal Attributes, and accordingly defign'd the Glory of his Truth equally with the Honour ofhis Mercy. Thus he declares to his chofen People, Know therefore that the Lord thy Deut. 7.9; God, he is God, the faithful God, which keepethCovenant and Mer- cy, with them that love him, and keep his Commandments. The Attribute that is fet next to the Deity, as mofi facred, is the Faithful God ; and that further exprefs'd, keeping Covenant and Mercy ; for he delights in ful- filling his Promifes, as in the freeff Aas of Mercy. The Pfalmifi breaks forth with the affeaionate Praifes of thefe At- tributes, I will worJhip towards PfaI.i 38.2 thy holy Temple, and praife thy Name for thy loving I(indnefs and thyTruth: for thou haft mag- nified

A Funeral-Sermon on reified thy Word above all thy Name. His Word here imme- diaLely fignifies hisPromife, that has its rife fromhis lovingKind- nefs, and its performance from his Truth. This he magnifies both with refpeE to the matter of his Promifes that are exceed- ing great and precious, and the fulfilling them above all that we can ask or think. God can- not repent or lie; his Counfels are unretraaable, from the Im- mutability of his Nature ; his Promifes are infallible, from his Fidelity : they are as unchange- Jer31.3 S able as theSun andStars in their appointed Courfes ; nay, more liable than theCentre : for Hea- ven and Earth fhall pafs away, but not a tittle of his Promifes, andour Hopes be unfulfilled. If the Frame of Nature were dif- fòlved, it would be no lofs to Cod,who is glorious and bleffed

M. Richard Baxter. 29 in his own Perfeaions : but if his Promifes fail, the Honour of his Truth would be impair'd and blemifh'd. The PfafrniíF faith, Tbofe that know thy Name, will truft in thee : Thofè who know the Creature, its Levity, Mutability and Mortality, will be difcourag'.d from trufting in it ; but thole who know the e- ternal Confrancy of God in his Nature and Promifes, will fe- curely rely upon him. Now thePromifes, theDecla- rations of God's Love, without which we cannot haveany folid and fufraining Hope in our Death, afire us of God's recei- ving the feparate Spirits of his Children. There wasa confiant clearnefs, tho not in that degree of Light as fence the appearance of Chrift, of the Happinefs of the departedSaints. Dyingya- cob breaks forth with a lively Hope,

( 3 o A Funeral-Sermon on Gen. 49 Hope, 0Lord, Ihave waited for is. thySalvation. Yob fays, Tho he kill me, yet will I trail in him that is, for his Almighty Mercy in the next State. The Pfal- mift expreffes his Confidence, ECal.73.24 Thos wilt guide me by thy Coun- fel, andreceive me into thy Glory. After the fafe concluding him through a World of Troubles and Temptations, lie would bring him to Heaven, a Place of equal Purity and Glory. Da- vidwhen he was in preffing Pe- Pfai.3i. 5. ril, addreffes to God, Into thy Hands I commend my Spirit, to be preferved as a precious De- pofitum ; thou haft redeemed me, 0 Lord God of Truth. His Af- furance is built on God's Right and Title to him, Thou haft re- deemed me, and his everlafting Fidelity. The Apoffle (peaks 2 core. r. with full affurance, We know that if our earthly Houle of this T aber-

Mr. Richard Baxter. Tabernacle be di[folved, we havea Building ofGod eternal in the Heavens. And, we are confident, I fay, rather to be abfent from the Body, andprefent with the Lord. St. Peter encourages Chriftians when furrounded with Death, to commit their Souls to him ; I Pet.4. rá Wherefore let them that finer ac- cording to the Will of God, com- mit the keeping of their Souls to him in reel-doing, as unto a faith- ful Creator. He encouraged' them to encounter Death in its molt formidable Pomp, by con- fidering their Souls íhall be fafe for ever, upon the account of God's Right and Intere{ in them, and his Fidelity : he bas an original Right in them by the firft Creation, as they are intelleaual immortal Spirits in their Nature, but a nearer and more efpecial Right by a new and nobler Creation,as they are re-

AFuneralsSermon on Pfal. $. Pfal. 89. renewed Spirits, made like to him in his Holinefs, the moll~ Divine Perfeaion. The Rela- tion of Creator implies his om- nipotent Love, and the Attri- bute of Faithful, his eternal Love declar'd in his Promifes. There can never be the leaf caufe to charge himwith Infin- cerity or Inconfancy. The Favour of God is round about the Righteous 41,c a Shield : And his Faithfulnefs is round about him, that he is always ready to per- form his Promife to them. They may fafely truft the worth of their Souls, and the weight of Eternity with him, who ha; Paid, he will never leave them, nor forfake them. Befides, the Promife ofa Re- ward to the obedient Children of God, is fecur'd not only by his Fidelity, but the declar'd Equity of his Proceedings in his

Mr. Richard Baxter. 33 his final Judgment. 'Tis a Re- gality invefted in the Crown of Heaven to difpetfe Rewards.: Whoever comes to God, waft be- Hex i I. 6. lieve that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently feek him. His Being and rewar- ding Bounty are the Foundati- ons of Religion. 'Tis true, fuch is the Diffance between God and the Creature, and the eter- nal Obligations of it to God, that it can challenge nothing fromGod, as due to its Merit. Jufrice unqualified withBounty andClemency, owes nothing to the moft excellent Obedience of the Creature,tho' innocent. But Pince the Fall, our belt Works are defe&ive and defiled, and want Pardon ; and our heavieft Sufferings are but light in the Ballance, againff the exceeding Weight of Glory. But theApo- file tells the Theffalonians, It is I) a

34 A Funeral- Sermon on a rightem thing with God to re- compenfe Tribulation to/hemwho trouble yogi : .and to you who are troubled, reft with ass. Confider them in the Comparifon ; 'Tis becoming his governing Juftice to punifh the unrighteous Per- fecutors, and reward his faith- ful Servants who fuffer for his Glory. Now the prefent Life is the Day for our Work, as our Saviour faith, Imull do the Work of him that fent me,while'tis cal- led to Day : And at Death, the Spirit returns to God that gave it, in order to Judgment, either fa- tal or favourable, according to the tenor of Mens good Works, and the defers of their bad. The Promife is to them, who by pati- Rom. 2. ent continuance inwel-doing, féek for Glory, and Honour, and Im- mortality, they fhall obtain eter- nal Life. Our Saviour encoura- ges his fuf eying Servants, Be faith.

Mr. Richard Baxter. 35. faithful to the. Death, and Iwill giveyou theCrown ofLife. The compleat Reward is referved to the great Day of univerfal Re- compences, when the Sons of God by Regeneration, thall be the Sons of a glorious Refiirre- aion. But the righteous Judi; will give a prefent Reward at Luke 2o, the end of the Day, to all that 35' with unfainting Perfeverance have perform'd his Work. Our Saviour tells us, that all who Mat.2o.96 wrought in the Vineyard, re- ceiv'd their Rewards in the la.1 Hour of the Day: The Parallel is inftruaive, that when the Night of Deathcomes, theRe- ward will be difpens'd. There is a Law recorded concerning the paying Wages to thófe who were hir'd, that it fhould be in the end of the Day ,; that it fhould not be detain'd all Night Deus. 24 with theeuntil theMorning. The a ° D2 All u-

A Funeral-Sermon on Allufon is very congruous, that God will fulfil his own Law to his Sons that ferve hire. The Reward not abide with hire the long dark Interval, the Night, wherein their Bodies fleep in theGrave, till theMor- ning of the Refurreaion. Our Saviour promifed the dying Pe- nitent, To day fhalt thou be with me in Paradife. The End of our Faith is immediately attended with the Salvation of the Soul The Labour of Faith being ñ- nifh'd,is produaive of thebeati- fick Vifion in theState ofLight and Glory. TheSum is,That the Children of God, who have by confiant Converfation fincerely endeavoured to pleafe and glo- rify him, may with an entire Refignation commit their Souls to his Hands, as if an Angel were fent from Heaven to them in their dying Agonies, with the

Mr. Richard Baxter. the comfortable Meffage, that they fhould prefently be with God. 3. The Divine Power,in con- junaion with Love and Truth, is the Foundation of our fecure dependance upon God in our laff Hours. This Confideration is abfolutely neceffary for our fure Truff For Love without Power is ineffeaual, andPower without Love ofno comfortable Advantage to us. The Apoffle gives This reafon of his chearful and couragious Sufferings in the Service of God, For I know in whom 'I have believed, and am perfwaded he is able to keep what I have committed to him, till that Day. His Faith refpeaed the Promifes of Godconcerning his Salvation, which are infinitely fure, the Divine Power being alfufficient to fulfil them. The PreciousDepofitum that is corn- D 3 mitted 2. Tim. 1.

8 A Funeral- Sermon on witted to his dear Care, he can andwill preferve inviolate. The Father of fincere Believers, is the Lord of Heaven and Earth, who by his Word, without the leaft ftrainof his Power, made the World, and preferves it from falling into Confufion. 'Tis theEffence of Faith, toof Pure us ofGod'sAlmighty Mer- cy to all that have the true Cha- rap ers of his Children, that are qualified for his Salvation. Our Redeemer joins the two Relati- ons of our Father and our God; the gracious and the glorious Relation are infeparable. Now the 'Love of our heavenly Fa- ther engages the Power of our God, that we (hall want no- thing to fécure our Happiness, that is within theobjea ofOm- nipotence. J (hail infill no further upon theConfderation of the Divine rower;

M . Richard Baxter. Power, becaufe it will return under fome of the following Heads of Difcourfe. II. The Bleffednefs of this Privilege is tobe unfolded. This will appear bycon(dering, Fírft, What is the Depofi- tum, theThing that is intruII- ed in God's Hands. Secondly, What is implied in his receiving of it. In anfwer to the firíf ; 'Tis the Soul, themore excellent and immortal Part of Man, that is commended to God's keeping. 1. 'Tis our more excellent Part in its Nature andCapacity. Man is a compounded Crea- ture, of a Body and a Soul : the Body in its Original and Re- folution is Earth ; the Soul is of a divine Defcent, a fpiritual Subliance, and in the Nobility and Perfe Lions of its Nature, D 4 but

A Funeral-Sermon on but little loner than theAngels 'tis the vile Body, but the preci- ow Soul. In its Capacity it incompara- bly excels the Body; for the Bo- dy lives &moves in the lowRe- gion of theSenfes, that are com- mon with the Worms of the Earth ; but the Soul in its Un- derftandingand Defires,is capa- ble of Communion with the ble.ffed God,ofGrace andGlory. From hence it is, that thewhole Worldcan't makeoneManhap- py ; for the Ingredients of true and cornpleat Happinefs are the PerieEion and Satisfaaion of the Soul. TheApofle tells us, The le, ú bleed of thegreater. Can the World bring Perfeai- on to Man, that is fo incompa- rably fhort ofhis Imperfeaion? Our Saviour affures us, the Gain of the whole World cannot re- compenfe the Lofs of one Soul. There

Mr. Richard Baxter. 41 There is a vale Circuit in our Delires, and all the Lines ter- minate in the Centre ofBleffed- nefs. Can theWorld give find cere Satisfaction to them ? So- lomon whowas as rich and high as the World could make hire, has left an everlafFingTefcimo°. ny of the Vanity of tran lient Things, from his experimental Obfervation, and theDire&ion of the Holy Spirit : So he be- gins and ends his Sermon, Va- Ecclef. I. pity ofVanities, all is Vanity ; fo I' & I2.8° vain and vexing, that we (hall not only be weary of them, but of this Life, wherein we ufe Ecci.i. '7. them. Can the Creature make us happy, when their Empti- nefs, and Anguifh annex'd to it, makes our Lives miferable ? The World cannot fatisfy our narrow Senfes : The Eye is not fatàsfred with feeing, nor theEar with hearing, much lets the infi- nite

4 Funeral,Serino= on nice Defires of our fupreme Fa- culties. Thofewho are now in- chanted with its Allurements, within a little while will fee through its falfe Colours. As when one awakes, all the plea- fant Scenes of Fancy in his Dream vanifh fo when the Soul is awakened in the End of Life, the World and the Lufs thereof pafs array, and the re- membrance of them. I tall add further ; What clearerEvidence canwe haveof the worthoftheSoul, than from God'sEfleem,the Creator of it ? Now When God forefaw the Revolture of our firfr Parent, that brought him under a dou- ble Death in one Sentence, tem- poral and eternal, and that ail Mankind was defperately loft in him, then his compafiïonate Counfels were concerning his Recovery : His Love and Wif- dom

M. Richard Baxter. 43 dom accorded to contrive the V Means to accompliíh our Re- demption, by the Death of his incarnate Son : We are not re- I Pet x deemed withSilver and Gold, but with the precious Blood of Chrifl, as a Lamb without fpot and ble-° mifh. Of what value is a Soul inGod's account,that hebought with his own Son's Blood, the molt facred Treafure of Hea- ven ? We may fay for the Ho- nour of our Redeemer and our o anima ! own, that which the Angels er'ge ce, g tancvah® cannot, we were fo valued by Aug. in God himfelf, that his Son be- Pfal.ioa. came Man, and died on the Crofs for the Salvation of our Souls. I (hall only mention a- nother Evidence and Effea of God's valuation of our Souls, that is, the eternal Weight of Glory, which exceeds all the ,Thoughts of our Minds, and Delires of our Hearts. What are

44 .4 Funeral-Sermon on are all the Kingdoms and Plea- fures of the World, in compa- rifon of that Blefednefs God has prepar'd for thofe who love him? Now the Soul that is in- effimab?y precious, and fhould 'be moff dear to us, is fecured fromDanger, when received by God's Hands. 2. TheSoul is our immortal Parr. The Body is compounded of jarring Principles, frail and mortal : ACafualty or Sicknefs diffolves the vital Union, and it falls to the Duff. But the Soul is a Spirit by Nature, and immortal by its inherent Pro- perty. Its fpiritual Operations perform'dwithout the miniífry of the Senfes, (the Eye of the Mind contemplates its Objeas, when the Eyesof the Body are clos'd) demonffrate its fpiritual Nature : for the Being is the Root of its working, and confe- quently

Mr. Richard Baxter. 45 quently that it exifs indepen- dently upon the Body : But of this we have the cleareít aífu- rance in the Scripture. This is another demonítration that pre- fent Things cannot make us happy, for they forfáke us the firft ítep we take into the next World, and then theSoul enters intoHappinefs or Mifery equal- ly eternal. The Immortality of theSoul, and the Immutabi- lity of its State, are infeparable then ; for the prefent Life is the time of our Work, the next is of Recompences according to our Works. if we die in the Lord, the Confequence is infal- lible, we shall live with him for ever : If we die in our Sins, we l*hall not be received by his merciful Hands, but fall into his bottomlefs Difpleafîxre. And of what concernment is it to have our Souls withGod in that infinite r:

46 A Funeral=Sermon on infinite and incomprehenfible Duration ? All the Meafures of Time, Days andWeeks,Months and Years, and Ages, are fwal- low'dup in that invifibleDepth, as the Rivers that pour into the Sea , are fwallowed up without any overflowing of its Waters. The Dove that Noah let out of the Ark, as a Spy to di%over whether the Deluge was abated, found not a Place to reifon ; but after ma. ny Circuits in the Air, it re- turned to the Ark. If our Thoughts take wing, and mul- tiply Millions of Millions of Ages, we cannot reíf in any Computation,for there remains after all an entire innumerable Eternity. Secondly, I will confider more particularly what is contained in this bleffed Privilege : The reception of the Soul intoGod's Hands,

Mr. Richard Baxter. 47 Hands, implies three things. z. Entire Safety. 2. Heavenly Felicity. 3. 'Tis a certain Pledgofthe reviving of the Body, and its reunion with the Soul in the State of Glory. i Entire Safety.AfrerDeath the feparateSoul of a trueBelie- ver immediately paffes through the airy and Ethereal Regions to the highefl Heaven,theTem- ple of God, the nativeSeat and Element of blefl'ed Spirits. The Air is poffefs'd by Satan with his Confederate Army, who are Rebels to God, and Enemies to the Souls of Men : he is filed the Prince of the Power of the Ephef. 9 Air : He often raifes Storms andTempels, difchargesThun- der and Lightning, the woful Effeas of which are felt in the lower World. The Numbers, the Strength, and theMalice of the

A Funeral-Sermon on the evil Angels to the Souls of Men,render themvery terrible ° We may conjeaure at their Number, fromwhat is related Mark 5. in the Gofpel, that a Legion po[fefs'd one Man. They are fuperiour Spirits to Man, and tho ílripp'd of their moral Ex- cellencies, Holinefs, Goodnefs and Truth, yet retain their na- tural Power at leaíf in great de- grees. Their Malice is un- quenchable. 'Tis Paid of the Devil, He goes about. like a roar- ing Lion, Peeking whomhe may de- vour. All the Joy thofe ma- lignant Spirits are capable of, is the involving the Souls of Men in their defperate Calamity. And tho they know their oppo- fng God will increafe their Guilt and Torment, yet their Diligence is equal to their Ma- lice, to feduce, pervert and ruin Souls for ever. Nowwhen the Saints

Mr. Richard Baxter. P.... 49 Saints die, all the Powers of Darknefs would,if poliible, hin- der the afcenfion of their Souls toGod. What David complains of his cruel Enemies, is appli- cable in this cafe, Their Souls are among Lions ; and if defti- tute of divinePrefervation, the Danger would be the fame ; as if a littleFlock of Lambs were toencounter with a great num- ber of fierce Lions, or fiery Dra- gons. Anger fets an edg upon Power, andmakes a Combatant but of equal Strength to over- come. How dangerous then would the Condition be of na- ked Souls, oppos'd by over- matchingEnemies, armed with Rageagainft them ? How eafily would they hurry them to the Abyfs, the Den of Dragons, the Prilon where loft Souls are fe- curd to the Day ofJudgment ? But all thePotentates of Hell E are

stay", Funeral-Sermon on are infinitely inferiour toGod : they are reftrain'd and tortued by the Chains of his powerful juflice : a Legion of them could not enter into the Swine with- out his permiffion, much lefs can they touch the Apple of his Eye. That black Prince with all his infernal Hoff cannot in- tercept one naked Soul from ar- riving at theKingdomofGlory, Our Saviour affures us, None-is John io. able to pluck them out ofhis Fa- ther's Hands. The LordChrift our Head and Leader, having vanquifh'd in his WI Battei on the Crofs, Principalities and Powers, made his triumphant Afcenfion to Glory : Thus his Members having overcome their fpiritual Enemies, [hail by the fame Almighty Power be carried through the Dominions of Satan, in the fight of their E- nemies, (tormentedwith the re- membrance

Mr. Richard Baxter. 51 membrance of their loft Happi. nefs, and Envy that humane Souls fhould partake of it) to the Place of God's glorious Re- fdente. I fhall alfo obferve, that as the Lord is a God of Power, fo he is a God of Order, and ufes fubordinate Means for the ac- eompliíhment of his Will. Our Saviour has reveal'd, that the Angels tranfport the feparate Souls of the Righteous to Hea- ven : Thole glorious Spirits, . who always behold the Face of God, fuch is their exaa Obedi- ence to him, and perfea Love to his Children, that they dii'- dain not toprotehis littleones in this open State. They rejoice Mar.8.Y0 ezt the Converfion ofSinners, at their firff entrance into theWay of Life, and with tender watch- fulnefs encompaís them here, never withdrawing their pro - E 2 teeing

Funeral-Sermon on teaing Prefence, till they bring them to their celeftial Country, and refign their Charge to the Lord of Life. How fafe are the departedSaints, when convey'd throughSatan's Territories by the Royal Guardof Angels tha; excel in firength 2. Heavenly Felicity. The receiving of holy Souls into God's Hands, is introduaive into 'hisPrefence, which is both a Sanauary to fecure us from all Evil, and a Store-houfe to furniili us withall that is good. The Lord is a Sun and a Shield : he is to intelleaual Beings,what the Sun is to fenftive, commu- nicates Light and Life, and joy to them. In his Prefence is ful- rl ', 6.1' nefs of yoy, at his right Hand are Rivers of Pleafure for ever. All that is evil and affliaing, is abolifh'd : all that is deferable, is conferr'd upon his Children. L

Mr. Richard Baxter. 53 A glimpfe or reflected Ray of his reconciled and favourable Countenance, even in this low- er World, infufes into theHearts of his Children a Joy unieaka- ble and glorious : a tafle of the Divine Goodnefs here, caufes a difelifh ofall thecarnal Sweets, the dreggy Delights which na- tural Men fo greedily delire. And if the faint Dawn be fo re- viving andcomfortable, what is the Brightnefs of the full Day ? None can underfiand the Hap- pinefs that refiklts from the full and eternal fight ofGod's Face, and the fruition of his Love, but thofe who enjoy the Prefence of God in perfeaion. His Good- nefs is truly infinite ; the more theSaints above know it, and enjoy it, the more they efreem it, and delight in it. His corn- pleat and communicative Love fatisfies the immenfe Delires of E 3 that

54 A Funeral-Sermon on that innumerable Company of blelfedSpirits that are before his Tyrone there is no Envy, no Avarice, no Ambition in that Kingdom, where God is all in all. The Divine Prefence is an e- ver-flowing Fountain of Pelici. $y. The continual refleaion upo-i this, makes Heaven to be Heaven to the Bleffed their Security is as valuable as their Felicity : they are above all danger of losing it. Methinks the belief of this Mould caufe us, as it were with Wings of Fire, with rnofl ardent Defires to fly to the Bofom ofGod, the aloneCentreof our Souls,where we Mall rat for ever. 3. The reception of the Soul into Heaven is a certain Pledg of the Refurreaion of theBody, and its re-union with the Soul in theState of Glory. The Co- venant of God was made with the

Mr. Richard Baxter. SS 10... the entire Perfons ofBelievers : therefore under the Law the fa- credSeal ofit was ir, their Fleíh. To be the God of. Promife to them, implies his being a blef- fed Rewarder to them. Our Sa- viour filences theSadduces, who disbeliev'd the ReIùrreEion, from the tenour ofGod's Cove- nant, Iam theGod of Abraham, and Ifaac, and Jacob, whichTi- tle he was pleated to retain af- ter their Death ; Now God is not the God of the Dead, but of the Living. The immediate Infe- rence from thence is, that their Souls did aaually live inBlef- fednefs, and that their Bodies, tho dead td Nature, were alive to God with refpea to his Pro- mile and Power. If we confi- der that the Divine Law binds the outward Man as well as the inward, and that during the time of our Work and Trial E 4. here,

A Funeral-Sermon on here, our Service and Sufferings for the Glory of God are from the concurrence of theSoul and Body, it will appear that the Fromife of the Reward belongs to both, and that the receiving of the Soul into Heaven, is an earneft of our full Redemption, even that of the Body. 'Tis true, there is no vifible Diffe- rence between the Bodies of the Saints and of the Wicked here they are lick with the fameDif- eafes, and die in the fame man- ner. As'tis with Trees in deep Winter, when they are covered with Snow, we cannot diflin- guifh which areabfolutelydead anddeftin'd to the Ax and Fire, and which retain their Sap, and will be fruitful and flourifhing in the returning Year : fò the dead Bodies of the Godly and Ungodly, to external appear- änçe, aie alike : But what a vafl diffe-

Mr. Richard Baxter. differencewill bebetween them in the next World ! The Bodies of the Ungodly, inconjunaion with their Souls, Mall be calf into the Lake of Fire ; the Bo- dies of the Godly refuted by their Souls, (hall enjoy a full and flourithing Happinefs for ever. The ,Application. z. Thismay inform us of the contrary States into which dy- ingPerfons immediately pats The Children of God refign their Spirits to the Hands of their gracious Heavenly Father, but Rebels and Strangers to God, fall into theHands ofa re- venging Judg. Could we fee the attending Spirits that fur- round fick Perfons in their laft Hours, what a wonderful Im- preilìon would it make upon us? AGuard ofgloriousAngels convey

A FuneralSimon on convey the departed Saints to the Bofomof God's Love, and heKingdomof his Glory. But when theWicked die, a Legion of Furies fleze upon their ex- peaedPrey, and hurry them to the infernal Prifonfrcfnwhence there is no redemption. Howmany Rebels and open Enemies to God are in the Pale ofthe ChriiianChurch? They will loudly repeat., Our Father which art ids Weavers, notwith- flanding the impudent and pal- pable Atheifm of their Lives ; they live as if they were inde- pendent, and not accountable to him who will judg the World widow re f ec1 of .derfons. The more :aria his Commands are, tcha contempt of them is more rble. Our Saviour's Prohibi- tion is peremptory, I fay unto fir, Smear not at all: but how many make no more confcience of

gr. Richard Baxter. of Swearing than they do of Speaking, and pour forth Oaths of all fafhions and fizes. We are feverely forbid all degrees of Impurity,in theLook,inWords, or in Wifh ; yet how many without refle&ion or remorfe, continue in the deepef}Polluti- ons ! We are commanded to livefoberly in this refentWorld; yet how many indulge their fwinifh Appetites, and debafe themfelves even below theBeafis that perifh. And as the fenfual Appetites are notorioufly pre- dominant in fome, fo the angry Appetite is tyrannous inothers. Pride, Wrath, Revenge, poifefs the Breafls of many : How of- ten for a flight, or but reputed Injury, they are fo fir'd with Pailion, that their hot Blood cannot be fatisfied without the cold Blood of their Enemies.' In fhort, many live in fuch open deals -9/

6o 4 Funeral-Sermon on defiance of the DivineLaw, as if there were no God to fee and punifh their Sins, or as if they would make a trial whether he will be true to his Threatning, and revenge their bold Impie- ties : They are partly worfe than Brutes ; for having an un- derifanding Faculty, a Princi- ple of Reafon, they fúbxnit it to Senfe : and partly worfe than Devils ; for as the Devils, they rebel againíf God, and yet not, they, tremble in their Re- bellion. Now when Death is ready with its cold Hands to clofe their Eyes, and Confci- enceawakes out of its Slumber, what Horrors feize upon them ! They are ffripp'd of their car- nal Securities, theCreaturecan- not help them, and the Creator will not. They have been Ene- mies to that Love that made them and preferv'd them, and, not-

Hr. Richard Baxter. notwithianding their violent Provocations, has fpar'd them fo long. They have rejeaed that infinitely condefcending and cómpaífionateLove, that fo tenderly befeech'd them to be reconciled to God, as if it were his Intereft to fave them. Whi- ther will they fly from their judg ? What can refcue them from infant and irrecoverable Mifery ? Can they hope that Mercy will be their Advocate? Their Condemnation is fo righ- teous, that Mercy cannot dif- penfe with it. 'Th. a fearful thing to fall into the Hands of the living God, who lives for ever, and can punilh for ever. Who knows the Power of his Wrath? 'Tisboundlefs beyond all our Thoughts and Time. take notice of this with Terror, all ye that forget God, he tear , , riaa, you in pieces, and therebe none ko deliver r Others