Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. menting Paliions of the Damned in thofe dread full Colours, that if duly confidered, would check and controul the unbridled licentious Appetites of the moil fenfual Wretches. His Call to the Vnonverted ; how fmall in bulk, but how pow- erful' in vertue ? Truth fpeaks in it with that authority and effica- cy, that it makes theReader today his hand upon his heart, and find he has g Soul and a Confcience, though he lived before as if he had none. He told forne friends, that fix Brothers were Converted by reading that Call ; and that e- very Week he received Letters of' force Converted by his Books. This he fpake with molt humble thankfulnefs, that God was plea- ted to ufe him as an in'lrtament for the Salvation of Souls. He that was fo folicitous for the Salvation 'of others, was not neg- f ligent __ .., Mu. __ __ r13