Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

130 A Funeral-Sermon on I told him you are now approach- ing to your long- defir'd home, he anfwer'd, I believe, Ibelieve. He faid to Mr. Mather, I Refs God that you have accomplifht your buf- nejs, the Lordprolong your Life. He exprei a great willingnefs to dye, and during his Sicknefs, when the Queflionwas ask'd, how he did, his reply was, almofl well. His joy was mo [ remarkable, when in his own apprehenfions Death was neared : and his Spiri- tual Joy at length was confumt- mate in Eternal Joy. Thus lived and dyed that blef- fed Saint. I have without any ar- tificial Fi&ion of words, given a lncere fhort Account of him. All our Tears are below the juft grief for fuck an unvaluable,Lofs. It is the Comfort of his Friends, that he enjoys a blefl'ed Reward in Hea- ven, and has left a precious Re- membrance on the Earth. Now