Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

132 A Funeral-Sermon, &c. God will forgive me, than f can for- give my felf. The other was, being in the Pulpit to preach, he found that he had forgot to put his Notes into his Bible : he pray'd to God for his Afíiftance, and took the firft Text that occurr'd to his View in opening the Bible : and preach'd an Excellent Sermon for the Matter and Order of it upon the Priefthood ofChrift. Af- ter he was come down, he enquir'd ofa Minifter prefent, whether he had not tir'd him, who replyed, No ; but with feveral others declar'd they were exceedingly fatisfiedwith hisDifcourfè he laid, It was neceffäry to have a Body of Divinity in ones Head. FI1VI5,,