Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

2 4 4 Funeral-Sermon on Almighty always obtains his End : who bath alfogiven :s the earneji of his Spirit. Holinefs is the IV1 orni rig-Star ofthe great Day ; Grace is the Preparative andAffuranceof Glory : For al- tho the Saints are in themfelves mutable, and while there re- mains Corruption within, and a temptingWorld without, are liable to falling away, yet the free and powerful Love of God that revived them when dead, will preferve them living; that which railed them from the Grave, will prevent their relap- fing into it. The Gifts of God are without Repentance. How triumphantly does the Apoftle Rem, t. exprefshis Confidence, Whofhall feparate tofrom theLove ofGod? Shall Tribulation, or Diflreif, or Perfecution, or Famine, or Naked- nefs, or Peril, or Sword ? Thefe are the molt powerful Terrors that