Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

26 Funeral-Sermon on has given his Son to die for us, and his Spirit to live in ús, his Son to purchafe and prepare Heaven for us, his Spirit to pre- pare us for Heaven, a dying Saint may with bleffed Tran- quillity commend his Soul into God's Hands. I have more particularly con- fidered the Fatherly Love of God, what a firong Security it affords to his Children, that he will never leave them, in that no Point requires and deferves more Confirmation, and weight of Argument to preis it down into our diffruftful Hearts. 2. TheDivineTruth affords a ftrongSecurity to theChildren of God, tocommend their Souls to him at laft. Truth is an At- tribute as effential and dear to God as any of his Perfeaions. And in the Accomplifhment of our Salvation, he ordered all things