Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

46 A Funeral=Sermon on infinite and incomprehenfible Duration ? All the Meafures of Time, Days andWeeks,Months and Years, and Ages, are fwal- low'dup in that invifibleDepth, as the Rivers that pour into the Sea , are fwallowed up without any overflowing of its Waters. The Dove that Noah let out of the Ark, as a Spy to di%over whether the Deluge was abated, found not a Place to reifon ; but after ma. ny Circuits in the Air, it re- turned to the Ark. If our Thoughts take wing, and mul- tiply Millions of Millions of Ages, we cannot reíf in any Computation,for there remains after all an entire innumerable Eternity. Secondly, I will confider more particularly what is contained in this bleffed Privilege : The reception of the Soul intoGod's Hands,