Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

54 A Funeral-Sermon on that innumerable Company of blelfedSpirits that are before his Tyrone there is no Envy, no Avarice, no Ambition in that Kingdom, where God is all in all. The Divine Prefence is an e- ver-flowing Fountain of Pelici. $y. The continual refleaion upo-i this, makes Heaven to be Heaven to the Bleffed their Security is as valuable as their Felicity : they are above all danger of losing it. Methinks the belief of this Mould caufe us, as it were with Wings of Fire, with rnofl ardent Defires to fly to the Bofom ofGod, the aloneCentreof our Souls,where we Mall rat for ever. 3. The reception of the Soul into Heaven is a certain Pledg of the Refurreaion of theBody, and its re-union with the Soul in theState of Glory. The Co- venant of God was made with the