Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

A Funeral-Sermon on here, our Service and Sufferings for the Glory of God are from the concurrence of theSoul and Body, it will appear that the Fromife of the Reward belongs to both, and that the receiving of the Soul into Heaven, is an earneft of our full Redemption, even that of the Body. 'Tis true, there is no vifible Diffe- rence between the Bodies of the Saints and of the Wicked here they are lick with the fameDif- eafes, and die in the fame man- ner. As'tis with Trees in deep Winter, when they are covered with Snow, we cannot diflin- guifh which areabfolutelydead anddeftin'd to the Ax and Fire, and which retain their Sap, and will be fruitful and flourifhing in the returning Year : fò the dead Bodies of the Godly and Ungodly, to external appear- änçe, aie alike : But what a vafl diffe-