Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

A FuneralaSermofz on Others are not fo vifibly dif- obedient as notorious Sinners, but are as really. You may fee their Piaure in the difobedient Son, mentioned by our Saviour 162"h. 2I. in the Gofpel, who when his Fa- a' 30° ther commandedhim to gowork in theVineyard, anfwered,1go, Sir, and went not. 'Tis true, they perform the external part of force Duties, and abítain from the grofs ads of force Sins, but 'tis with an exception and a re- ferve. ADuty that is contrary to their carnal Appetites and Tntereff, they will not perform ; a Sin that bribes themwithPro- fit or Pleafure, a temperamental Sin, they will not part with Now any indulged habitual Luff is not the Spot of God's Children, but denominates the Sinner a Child of the Devil: for tho the Saints till they are vefted of frail Fleíb, have their