Bates - BT825 B37 1683

90 S L 12M0 NS Rom. I. I I. ACts 2. 24. to the ends of his Government, not to derogate from the dignity of his Law, but to lay the penal- tyupon his Son, who interpolea for us. Now having finifh'd the work of our Redemption by his fufferings, his Refurreaion was the just conlequent of his Paflion. And 'tis obfervable that his Re- furretion, tho one entire a&, is alcribed as to himfeif fo to his Father,by whole content and con- currence he rote again. There- fore 'tis faid, Whom Clod railed up, having, loo fed the pains of Death : f nce it was irnpoible he fhould be holden by it. 'Twas naturally impo{Iible upon the account of the Divine Power inherent in hisPerlon, and legally impoflible, becaule divine 'dace required that he [hould be railed to Life ;. partly to vin- dicate his innocence, for he was reputed, and fuffered as a Ma- lefator,