Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. 9 lefador, and principally becaulè he had fully fatisfied God. Ac- cordingly the Apofile declares, lie died for our Sins, and rote again for our jutefication. Having paid our Debt, he was releas'd from theGrave, and the Difcharge was mot folemnly publifh'd to the World. 'Tis therefore Paid, the God ofPeace raifed himfrom the dead: the ad is mofR congruoufly afcri- bed unto God, inveaed with that title, becaute his Power was ex- erted in that glorious Work, after he was reconciled by the 'blood of the -Covenant. Briefly, Our Saviour's Vitory over Death was obtained by dying, his Triumph by riling again. He foil'd our common Enemy in his own territories the Grave. His Death was a Cotin- terpoifon to Death it felt : as a bruited Scorpion is a (' noble An- tidote againfl its Venom. Indeed Rom. ç. F-Ieb. 13. II Ui fbt ipfepulche- rirrasmmedi- camentum. Gelfils.