Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DE ATx. Conjunction be ! the Soul will accule the.Body to have been Sins .Sóliciror, continually tempting to I niiialities : and the body veil up- braidmre than ever it allur'd thz . foul, for its wicked Compliance : Then the Sinner {Mall be an en- tire Sacrifice burning but never Mark 9; confumed. Now from the affti- rance of a bleßed ;Zefurrediou by Chrii,the foremention' d fear of Death is conquered in Belei- ver. . If the Doc rive of the Tranfwigration of Souls into other Bodies (the invention of Pytl2agor4s) infpired his D,fciples with that fiery vigour, as to en- counter the mofc prefent and ap- parent dangers, being fearlels to part with the Life that fhould be rellored ; how much more fhould a Chriflian with a holy confidence receive Death, know- ing that the life of his Body fball not , Felipe er" toreJo gnoS 211c tiYnoritn2 Max!mrf,i h iStd Ltrget loti mázar indo ; r2endi In ferriírn riens prcní vri,anirr æ- CLte capares Mortis, & i?navttm ré dituro. par: coré /iitco Lü i