Bates - BT825 B37 1683

SERMONS And O the joyful reunion of thole dear Relatives after fuck a Divorce ! when the Body that was fo long detained in the loath: force Grave, [hall be reformed f Cor. I5. with all glorious Perfetions, and be a fit Infirument for the Soul, and partaker with it in Bleifed- nefs and a confummate Immor- tality. 'lis laid that, thofe that wear rich Clothing are in Dings Hou- fes : but what are all the Robes of cooly Folly wherein earth! y Courtiers appear, to the Bright- nefs and Beauty of the Spiritual Body wherewith the Saints [hall be clothed, to qualify them for the Pretence of the King of Kings, and to be in his Houle for ever ? But O the miferable Con- dition of the Wicked in that day ! D _ ath now breaks their Bodies and Souls into an irreconcilable Enmity, and how fad will their Con-