Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. IOt, on of his Life, is both quickned and Joh. 6.36. united to him. When the Prophet . Elifha by the outward applying 2 Kin.4. 34. tree parts ofhis Body, to the dead Child, infpir'd life into'him, there Was no real union between them: but Chrifa is by his Spirit fo inti- mately united to Believers, that he Gal. 2.20. lives in them, and they in him. The fanaifying Spirit renews the di- resting and, commanding facul- ties, the fountains of moral acti- ons ; enlightens the Underf}and- ing with Caving Knowledge, rec- tifies the obliquity ofthe Will, pu- rifies the Affections, and reforms the Life, k that the fame mind is in Chriffians as was in Chrifi ; and as his Connerfaion was, fuch u theirs in the World. .vIbis divine Change is not wrought by natural Reafón, tho affiffed by the moff powerful Arguments. Thebreath of a Man may as ealily.difpel a Mift, or H 3 thaw