Bates - BT825 B37 1683

1 S.EMONS andcircumfpeaion for the future. Love afpires to be like God in all pofiable degrees of Purity : fop it inflames our delires after his Fa- your, as that which is better than Life, and all the fweetefl enjoy ments of it, and Hoiinefs is the powerful attrattive of God's de- lightful Love to us. Love is the principleof freer ingenuous ,and joyfulObedience. 'Tomas our Saviour's Meat and Drink to do the Will of his Fa- ther. For Love is the fountain of Pleafure, it moves the Soul with Eleaion and Liberty, and makes' every thing grateful that proceeds from it. Therefore the Apoflle declares,that theLaw is not madefor a righteous flan : that is, as it is en- forc'd by terrible penalties, to conftrain rebellious fanners to obedience : for Love is an inter- nal living Law in the heart, and has