Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. 109 caufes the hatred of Sin , and therefore 'tis againfí all Sin, not only to prevent the exercile- of it, but to eradicate it out of the foul. All the fearful confequences of Sin do not render it fo odious to a gracious Spirit, as its own proper idea and intrinfick evil, as 'tis con - traryto theholyNature and Law of God. Love unites the foul to God, and turns the thoughts con- tinually to him :- and the lively fente ofhis Majeífy and Pretence, who is, fo pure that he cannot be- hold iniquity, canles an averlion -from all that is difpjeafing to his Divine Eyes. And from hence it is that a zealous Lover ofGod is frequent and ftrit in reviewing his heart and ways, and upon the difcovery of finful failings, re- news his repentance, which is the exercife of grief and Love, and renews his purpofes of morecare and