Bates - BT825 B37 1683

S E M O N S potence to what is good may be healed. By the virtue of the fan- ¿ifying Spirit, the Soul that was. dead, abfolutely unable to form fpiritual and Ii pernatural Ads, is revived to a kind ofOmnipo, tence, it can do all things, required by the Evangelical Covenant, by the new Law that is in the hands of our merciful Mediator for Sal; vation. 'Tis true, there are re- liques of fin in the heft, and the Flefh and Spirit are repugnant Principles warring againft one another : but the holy Spirit will make no capitulationor corpo= fition with fin, but is fo predo- minant fin is gradually dued, anddoes not fo freely and frequently break forth, as it does from th unrenevved. By the accealon of his. {trength we are era- abled to mortify the deeds of the Body, to crucify the i- le ; with the ofsections and