Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upÓnDE ATH. i t3 and luft thereof : rind to perform holy Duties, with freedom, ala . crity and zeal, in filch a manner Is is acceptable to God. In [hort, faxing Grace is difRinguiíht from that which is common to the un- regenerate , by its prevalency and conílancy. There may be a declination in the Saints tending to a downfal ; but the Seed of god, that fupernatural Grace that re- mains in them, will by the power of the holy Spirit recover the fupre- macy. Others may be enlight- ned,and feel fome good motions, and tranfient touches, as Saul had his rapture among the Prophets ; but they are not truly, entirely, and perfeveringly converted to God. They are not proof againíí the allurements or terrors of the World. They make a fair pro- feílion till they are try'd by temp- tations. Congealed drops of wa- tet