Bates - BT825 B37 1683

..: Ilq. SEMOZTS lieb.z.7,8. {ums enizn fatis explicct verbis quan- tum mali fit non obedire tantopotefla- tis imperi),et tanto terren- firains us to dedicate our felves in adevoted propriety to his Glory and Service, and to live accord-. ing to. that Dedication. Thee two are abfolutely neceffary to the vital and falvifical Bate of a Chriflian. And as loon as a per- fon fincerely repents andbelieves, he is juflifìed before God, and if he dies will certainly obtain eter- nal Glory. This fhould be the early and moil fpeedy work of our Lives : for the delay of Re- pentance, and negle& of fecuring the Favour of GodQ arms Death with more flings and terrors. (1.) 'Tis direa Rebellion a- gainfl God, who commands us to hear his Voice to day, obediently and immediately, upon no leis penalty than being excluded from his bleffed Rea for ever. Yet the felfflattéring Sinner preaches an- other Gofpel to himfelf, andruns in