Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon`DEATx, : 12:5 in hazard of Damnation and the eternal Curie every hour. . (1.) 'Tis the mofl provoking Abufe of his Mercy and Patience that fhould lead 34en to Repentance. He can in the twinkling of an Eye, in the beatingof a Pulfe,cut offthe Sinner : 'tis as ealy to his power as towill it. And there's no confideration should be fo melt- ttig andmovingas hisClemency. We reade of David that he had more thanonce inhis power Saul his unjufi and implacable enemy, and spared him : the efled of it was, that Saul became fo foftned, and under fuch compunaion of fpirit, that he wept, confefi his guilt, and defifaed from perfecu- ting him, overcome by that un- exampled Love : 11- a Man find his I sam. 26. Enemy, will he let himgo ? And yet 21. Men take advantage , from the goodness of God fecurely to de- !Tpife his Laws. (3.) How