Bates - BT825 B37 1683

4 SE1'IVlUNS flame of Fire. They are the prime Inftrutnents cf his Providence, moil zealous and attive to ac complifh his pleafure. But the Son is God, not by Analogy and Deputation as Princes are, nor with a limitation and diminution, as Moles was made a god to Pha- raoh, but abfolutelyand really as fitbfifting in the Divine Nature : And confequently he is the Su- preme King, and to him the En- Iigns of Majeíy divinely Royal 8' areafcibed. But unto the Son he faith, Tíy T'l:rone, O god, is for ever and ever, a Scepter of fthte: oufizefs is the Scepter of thy king- dmI : Whereas the Scepters of Earthly Kings are often unrigh- teoufl y nianag'd , and their Thrones ruinoull y fall. There is a further Confirmation from his Works, that are divinelygreat and glorious, wherein ano rea... re