Bates - BT825 B37 1683

------------- upon DEATH. 5 ture has any share of Efficiency. Themaking of the World, is a- Çcrib'd to him. Thou Lord in to Ver!. Io, beginning hall laid the Foundation of the Earth, and the Heavens are the Works of thy Hands. The Divine Attributes, the pe- culiar Charmer of the Deity belong to him : Eternity and Im- mutability. The moft fad parts ofthevifble'Creation /hall pers fh and be changed: but thou re- maaefi, and art the fame. His Life is an entire, uniform, un- changable Perfection. His Glo- 'ry and Felicity are in the fame in- variable Tenor for ever pofeft by him. Lafily, The Son fits in that quality at the right Hand of the Veer. r,. Father, in the Society of Empire, as equal to him in Power and Honour, commanding all in the viable and inviable World, mot[ eaaly and irreffibly, tho' gra- 13 3 dually