Bates - BT825 B37 1683

-------_-- 130 SEX IVl 0.N S {late of everlafting defperatìon. 4. Others who have lived in carelefs fecurity, as if they had,, made a Co'enant with Death, yet up- on the near approaches of it,when they fee Death before them at- tended withJudgment,and Judg- ment Hell ; as we read of Sfera, who from extream Fear paft to extream Security : foon the con- trary, thefe íèlf - deceivers from extream Security have fallen into extream Fear. Then Truth and Confcience,that were fo long un- der unrighteous reftraints, break the Fetters,and terribly charge the firmer. Then innumerable Ads which they thought to be inno- cent, appear to be fins, and Sin that they made light of, to be in- finitely evil, and in the highe& degree hateful to God. And fome- times by the fiugge&ions of the enemy of Souls, they are over- whelm'd