Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DE Axxd 1 i,9 their ficknefs is Death, and what the Angel with fuck folemnity declaed, that time Jhould be no more, is'vrified concerning them,by an unexpeted diffolurion. 1. Some that continue a while in fcknefs and languifhings, do not apply themfelves ferioufly to God,upon the hopes of recovery. And this hope is cheriíh'd by the mortal love, the cruel deceit of friends, who are unwilling to let them fee their danger, leis their fpirits Ihould fink under it. And thus many die in an unprepared flare. 3. Others that are guilty, and gracelefs, tho diffant from Death and Hell but a few hours, are íe- cure as fonah, who flept in the midfr of a Tempefr at Sea. The tenour of their lives difcovers this to be divine Vengeance, they are feiz'd with a fpirir of (lumber, and pats without fear into the ftate