Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. 3 7 clearly and certainly made evi- dent by the continual 'efficacy of :it in the Converfation. The ob- fervation of our Hearts to lup- prefs unholy afedions,andofour lenses to prevent them, a constant courfe of Holinefs in our ;lives, (thomany frailties will cleave to the bell) is ufually rewarded with greate peace here. God has efablifh't a connexion between our Obedience and his Comforts. Thofe that keep them- felves pure from the defilements of the World, have the white -Stone promifed, the bright Jewel of Affurance of God's pardoning rt and rewarding Mercy. - e read of Enoch that he walk's with God, was a Star fhining in a corrupt Age, the tenour of his Lift was holy, and he was tranflared to Heaven without feeing Death.. Tho