Bates - BT825 B37 1683

i38 SEXMONS Tho this was an extraordinary Difpenration, yet there is a pecu- liar reward analogical to it, fin,' thole who walk circumfpecly : they (hall not fee Death with its terrors, but ufually have a holy Chearfulnefs, a peaceful Joy, in their paffage through the dark Valley to Heaven. But prefum- ptuous Sins againa external and internal reftraints, the convincing Law ofGod, and the dire&ions of Confcience, grieve the Holy Spirit, and wound our Spirits, and, if continued , fequefler us from the comfortable priviledges of theGofpel, and render us unfit for the KingdomofHeaven. And when they are retraced by Re- pentance, yet there often remains a bitter remembrance of them : as deep Wounds, tho cur'd,yet are felt in change ofweather. And fome-