Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. 143 with the Earth,is no lofs but gain, and with that alacrity, as the put- .tingoffa vile garment to be clo- thed with a Royal Robe. 'was the wife Counfel of Ï"ertullian to the Women of the lira Ages of the Church,not to value and love the Jewels and Ornaments of Gold, that they might be more ready and refolved to obtain by Death Martyrdom, and by Mar- tyrdomEternal Glory. And that we may difentangle our Souls from thofe voluntary bands that faf}en us to prefent things , we muff have a fincere uncorrupted judgment of their meannefs. The Apof}le exhorts Chrif$ians tomo- deration in their temper andcon. verfation With refpea to thebu inefs and enjoyments here, that they who have Wives, be as tho they had none ; that tbofe that rejoice,be as tho they rejoiced not ; and they that buy, Stems! expe- dite Rdorna nem viu ,n,_ hil hubentec quod relin- quere time_ umaii Reti- nRCUI; e font f ei no- fine. De cult. Fcem.