Bates - BT825 B37 1683

144 SER.MOZj,S buy, a.s tho theypof e d not ; and they that ufe the World, as not abufing it for *the fajbion of the World pa th. away. To a wife and pondering Obferver , what comparifon is there between Shadows and Dreams, and fubitantial everlafi- ing Bleffednefs ? If .Men had the fame opinion ofthisWorld whilfi they live, as they will have when they are to die, they would not fet over it. They who have mag- nified temporal Honours and Ri- ches, and lived in Pleafures with- out remorse, yet in their dying hours,when Men (peakwithmofle feeling and leaít affectation, how have they vilified thole empty appearances of happinefs ? with what moving expreffions decla- red the vanity and brevity of worldly things ? As when the If- raelites were to go through the River Jordan, that opened it fell to