Bates - BT825 B37 1683

l4ponDEAT H. 1.x-5 to make a free and dry pit-age for them ; the lower' part of ics *rakers ran into the Dead Sea, and utterly falla : but the Wa- ters that carne from above, role up andappear'd like a Mountain thus when Men come to the unie verfAal paffage, from this to the next life, inferiour things abfos- lutely fail, and are loft in thedead Sea, but the things above, that are eternal, then appear in their true greatnefs, exceeding all humane comprehension : from hence is the change ofmindand language 'concerning the one and other. 5. Solemn,affetionate,and fre- quent Converfe with God in Ike ligious Duties will render Death not fearful to us. The whole life ofa Chrifiari,as filch, is á continual Communion with the Father, and with :kw Chri /, For he pet forms all good works by.divine Graceeor11 ,, uriiVated joffm; 16.. .Ad rr,f sr Mo"í1t7S 1Y!^ t>Miefcentás; appao-evarzr frCcdtL