Bates - BT825 B37 1683

Vol: a4> SE.AraNS dually fubduing his Enemies to a eonfummate Victory. But the Angels, fo numerous andpowçr-- ful, are minifiring Spirits, employ- ed for the defense and benèfit of the Church. From this fummary account we may underfland how firmly the Divinity of Chriit is effa- blifh'd in the Scripture. For thofe Faffages of the Prophets, that (peak of the God of Ifrael as Creator, and the foie objet of Adoration are direaly referr'd to Jefus Chrift. And the Namç Jehovah, the Majef+y of which canfifts in its being incommuni- cable is attributed to him. This is the Foundation upon which that whole Fabrick of the Go- fpel is built. The Office of Me- diator in theprophetical, priefily, and regal adminif+ration is necef- farily join'dwith the Divinity of his