Bates - BT825 B37 1683

. . .. Cons, 7, S E, Mo Lri. S ee1royed, but his Promifes f call be compleatl y accomplifll'd. We are alÇured by his Infallible Au- . glorify, that there rezñains a kert for the People of God. And he that receives this Teftimony, jets to his Seal that God is true: honours the Truth ofGod's Word, and binds him. elf more firmly to his Sera Tice, and is encouraged to leave phis fenfible World,for.that which is irl nitlybetter. Our confidence and patience inwell -doing,and in fu ering the utm..ofl evil to Na- ture, is from the pregnant appre, henfions of the reality ofeternal things. We know, faith the Apo- flle, if our earthly tabernacle be d f lobed., we have a Building not made *with hands, eternal in the Heavens. This fortified him againft the ter- rors of Death. When Stephen f aw the Heavens open, and the Son of 'God read to receive Kira, with what courage