Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon D EAT. 151 vineNature as Omnipotence; and the iandification of the Soul as divine an effea, as the refureaion of the Body. Now in the Gofpel God enters into Covenant with obedient Believers, to be their God a title and relation,that fuppofing them the moil happy here, all the enjoyments of this World cannot fulfil. This Covenant is not dil= folv'd by Death, for he ides this Rile after the death of his faithful Servants : and from hence it fol- lows they are partakers. of his Glory and joys in the next Life. For the honour of his Veracity is moil dear to him. The PfalmiR declares, that he has magnified his Wordabove all his Name. No per., fedions of his Nature are more facred and inviolable than his Truth. The foundations of Na- ture íliall be overturn'd, and the wR folid parts of the Creation L4 de-