Bates - BT825 B37 1683

;i. upon DE AT H. 1 69 Seat of Bleffednefs, to thehappy Sóciety that infpires mutual Joys for ever ? For our encourage- ment there are numerous inflan ces of Believers that hive with peace and joy, tho in various de- grees, pall through the dark Val- ley to the Inheritance of Light. Some have died with more Toy than they lived, and triumph'd over the laft Enemy with the vo- cal Prai{es of God : others with filent 2ffedtions havequietly com- mended their Spirits into his hand. ,Some have inward Refrefhings and fupport ; others exuberant Joys and Ravifhments, as if the Light of Glory ¡lined into them, or the Veil of Flefh were drawn, and their Spirits were prefent with the invifible World. Some of t le Martyrs in their cruellet Suffer- ings felt filch impreíífions ofCon- fidence and Alacrity, that as in N the Acctfm fain cd id mira- cali, videri exultantem 1,n morte- ho., minem, infultarttem morti. Bern. 26 Serin. ir, Cant.