Bates - BT825 B37 1683

t7o S E AlüNS Jar Gera. 4. the Houle oF Lamed) there was accorded at, the lame time two dilcordant Callings by the two. Brothers . 'Jabal the homer of the Harp and 'Organ, and -Caire the filt Artificer in BraHand Iron : the one pradiled on In%ruments of Mulich , breathing harmonious founds and melodies, the other uled Hammers c L Anvils making noire and tumult : So in tome perlons whilUU the heavier ffr®kes fell on their Bodies, their Souls were rav ifh'd with the fweeteft Joy and Exultation. Indeed 'tis not chus always with the Saints for tho Sin be pardoned, yet the pprehenfìons of, Guilt may reg main. When a Strew is direr- bed it does not truly reprelent the Object : When the Affections are cd.ifordered , t1ì Mind does not judge aright of a Chril+ian's (late. A Serpent- ray, hits when It has loff