Bates - BT825 B37 1683

10 SERMONS Scripture his Soveraignty is inti- mated in theTitle of Judg : thus in that humble Expot elation of Abraham for Sodom ; Shall not the` judgof all the World do right ? He addreltes his requet to God un- der that Title, to foften his Power, and incline his Clerneri- cy to fave the Wicked for their fakes who were comparatively Righteous, that is, innocent of their crying Sins. 3. As his right to govern and judg the World is natural, fo are his Attributes, his Wildorn, Ho- liners, _juflice, and Power, that qualify and render him moII worthy to exercife this Govern- ment. There are finite fepara- ble Qualities in Angels or Men, but effential Perfections to the Deity. 'Tis more rational to conceive that things may be con- geal'd by the heat of Fire, or turned